CanSecWest 2012 March 7, 2012 to March 9, 2012, Vancouver, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Legal Issues in Mobile Security Research Marcia Hofmann N/A Security
iOS5 - An Exploitation Nightmare? Stefan Esser N/A Security
Hardware-involved software attacks & defenses Jeff ( Rain Forrest Puppy ) Forristal N/A Security
Intro to Near Field Communication (NFC) Mobile Security Corey Benninger , Max Sobeil N/A
Unveiling LTE Security Dr. Pildush N/A Security
HDMI - Hacking Displays Made Interesting Andy Davis N/A Security
Vulerability Analysis and Practical Data Flow Analysis & Visualization Jeong wook Oh N/A Security
Playing with Network Layers to Bypass Firewalls' Filtering Policy Eric Leblond N/A Security
Deep Boot Nicholas Economou , Andres lopez Luksenberg N/A
Mapping the Pen Tester's Mind: 0 to Root Nick D N/A Security
Social Authentication Alex Rice N/A Security
Advanced Persistent Responses Peleus Uhley N/A Security
Hiding in Plain Sight Wade Wiliamson N/A Security
Root Proof Smartphones, and Other Myths and Legends Scott Kelly N/A Security
Probing Mobile Operator Networks Collin Mulliner N/A Security