Suits-and-Spooks-II 2012 Feb. 8, 2012 to Feb. 8, 2012, Boston, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Principle of Self Defense for Covert Cyber Operations Catherine Lotrionte N/A Security
The Satellite Sentinel Project: Making the World a Witness Jonathan Hutson N/A Security
Knowing the Unknown Unknown | Moving from Guessing, to Knowing, to Insight, to Action. Christopher Burgess N/A Security
Exploiting Seams Randy Garrett N/A Security
Open Source Conflict: The Dynamics of 21st Century Insurgency and Cyberwarfare John Robb N/A Security
Sex, Crypto-Currency, Money Laundering, Drugs, Guns, and Cornfields: A Dwolla story Ben Milne N/A Security
People in the Infosec Loop: Failsafe or Liability Dan Geer N/A Security
Q&A | How Janina Discovered a Solution for Data Challenges Faced by Actors through the use of Open Source Tools Janina Gavankar N/A Security
Theft of a Nation, The Infosec Abomination and Flipping It on Its Head Anup K. Ghosh N/A Security