ShmooCon 2012 Jan. 27, 2012 to Jan. 29, 2012, Washington DC, USA

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Looking into the Eye of the Meter Don c. Weber "When you look at a Smart Meter, it practically winks at you. Their IR port ... Security
Inside the OODA Loop - Towards an Aggressive Defense Sandy Clark , Matt Blaze , David Nelson-fisher , Matthew Elmore The defenders are losing the cyber security arms race. Why, because *We\'re doing it Wrong!* ...
Inside Apple's MDM Black Box David Schuetz Mobile Device Management (MDM) has become a hot topic as organizations are pressured to bring ... Security
The Science of Insecurity Meredith L. Patterson , Sergey Bratus Why is the overwhelming majority of networked software still not secure, despite all effort to ...
Android Mind Reading: Memory Acquisition and Analysis with DMD and Volatility Joe Sylve "This talk will present the first methodology and toolset for acquisition and deep analysis of ... Security
New Cool Crypto Benjamin Agre "This talk is about new research in cryptography and it's applications. It will go over ... Security
OPFOR Works Both Ways: How Offense and Defense Must Train Each Other Tim Maletic , Chris Pogue "Ask your incident response team how often they see stand-alone meterpreter binaries. Now ask your ...
Credit Card Fraud: The Contactless Generation Chris Paget "Over the last few years, the payment card industry has been (somewhat stealthily) rolling out ... Security
37mm Aerial Surveillance: Romance between a Camera and a Flare Launcher Joshua Marpet , Vlad Gostom Cameras are hugely important to urban and suburban battlefields. Reconnaissance is a must-have for commanders, ...
Intro to Near Field Communication (NFC) Mobile Security Corey Benninger , Max Sobell "As Near Field Communications (NFC) is integrated into our daily lives more and more (credit/debit ...
Encryption, Passwords and Data Security: the Latest on the Law and Best Practices Jerome Radcliffe , Marcia Hofmann Encryption is a critical tool for ensuring the security of personal and proprietary data alike. ...
< GHz or Bust! Atlas 0f D00m "Wifi is cool and so is cellular, but the real fun stuff happens below the ... Security
AVM Inception: How We Can Use AVM Instrumenting in a Beneficial Way Jeong wook Oh Binary instrumentation was traditionally an area for native code examination. But it is also possible ... Security
Raising the White Flag Curt Shaffer , Chris Cuevas Application White Listing is being sold as the needed silver bullet to stop malware and ...
Soft Markers in Attack Attribution Char Sample The inability to accurately attribute attacks hinders network defenders in their attempts to respond to ... Security
TTL of Penetration Branson Matheson "In the world of information security, it's not a matter of how anymore.. it's a ... Security
Defending the King of Denmark with a BLADE Jp Dunning In the world of wireless security, Bluetooth is a technology not to be ignored. Since ... Security
Java backdoors and Cross Framework Abuse Nicholas (aricon) Berthaume "This presentation consists of two parts; first of which will be explaining backdooring of Java ... Security
Corrupting the Youth Jordan Wiens For the last six months, psifertex has been teaching a "creative-problem solving" class to fifth ... Security
Keynote Address: Peter Gutmann N/A Security
A New Model for Enterprise Defense Toby Kohlenberg "We have a problem; attackers are getting better and better, users are getting more demanding ... Security
A Blackhats Tool Chest: How We Tear Into That Little Green Man Mathew Rowley Mobile applications are a part of every person’s, and every organization’s life. The potential for ... Security
Lessons of the Kobayashi Maru: Cheating is Fundamental Greg Conti , James Caroland Every day security professionals face off against adversaries who do not play by the rules. ...
Training Security Nerds, Faster, Better, Stronger Xeno Kovah We need more, and better educated, security people. While many people consider being self-taught to ... Security
Sacrificial Computing for Land and Sky Brendan O'Connor Projects such as the incredible Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform give you the ability to monitor ... Security
Building Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Capabilities on a Hackers Budget: Tracking and Fingerprinting RF Devices for Fun and Profit Brad Bowers Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) has long been a tool used by three letter agencies ... Security
A Fistful of Fire Hoses: Putting Out Fires Without Crossing Streams Steve Werby Your organization has invested in a variety of tools to manage its information technology and ... Security
Opening Remarks Bruce Potter N/A Security
Cyber Fast Track Mudge Zatko "Cyber Fast Track is a DARPA program that was originally announced at last year's ShmooCon. ... Security
Malware as Art: Building and Animating Malware Network Graphs Chris Larsen , Tim Horst , Jon Dinerstein Blue Coat\'s daily traffic logs show the results of 75 million end users inadvertently surfing ...
Attacking Proximity Card Access Systems Brad Antoniewicz From the card to the backend database, proximity card access systems contain a variety of ... Security
Destroying Evidence Before Its "Evidence" Hanni Fakhoury Covering your tracks out of fear of getting caught with your hands in the digital ... Security
Whack-a-Mobile: Getting a Handle on Mobile Testing with MobiSec Live Environment Kevin Johnson , Tony Delagrange One of the challenges organizations face is the expense and complexity in designing, developing, and ...
All Your Codes Belong To Me! Keith Howell Alarm panels were designed before the prevalence of wireless technology and communicate with a proprietary ... Security
0wn the Con The shmoo Group "Presented every year since the first ShmooCon, 0wn the Con is where we share the ... Security
Malware Visualization in 3D Danny Quist Malware reverse engineering is greatly helped by visualization techniques. In this talk I will show ... Security
And That's How I Didn't Lose an Eye: Emergency Data Destruction Skunkworks My presentation will showcase my success with The Shmoo Group\'s data destruction challenge from their ... Security