S4 2012 Jan. 18, 2012 to Jan. 19, 2012, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
No More Fragility Dale Peterson N/A Security
The Witch Doctor vs. the Engineer – Why Believe Either One Darren Highfill N/A Security
Technical Security in Smart Metering Devices: A German Perspective Stephan Beirer N/A Security
Documenting the “Lost Decade:” An Analysis of Publicly-Disclosed ICS-Specific Vulnerabilities since 2001 Sean Mcbride N/A Security
Stuxnet: A Deep Dive Ralph Langner N/A Security
Automated Consequence-Based Assessment Schema Dennis Holstein N/A Security
ICS Exploit Mitigation with EMET Terry Mccorkle , Suha Can N/A
Application Whitelisting for Industrial Control Systems – An Evaluation Guideline Sebastian Obermeier N/A Security
No Silver Bullets: Application Whitelisting in ICS Andrew Ginter N/A Security
Why Johnny CanPatch: Can Vulnerability Patching Work in the ICS World? Eric Byres N/A Security
Project Basecamp Intro - Dale Peterson of Digital Bond, Project Basecamp Reid Wightman N/A Security
Denial of Surface Eireann Leverett N/A Security
Preventing Attacks on Critical Infrastructure through Hardware Protection Against Malicious USB Devices Pascal Sitbon N/A Security
Intrusion Detection for Embedded Control Systems Jason Reeves N/A Security
The Great Debate: Anti-virus and Monthly Security Patching Should Be Abandoned in ICS Anonnmyous N/A Security