RootedCon 2012 March 1, 2012 to March 3, 2012, Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
XMPP, more than just chat Luis Delgado N/A Security
Social Engineering in Banking Trojans: Attacking the weakest link Jos\xc3\xa9 Gastesi N/A Security
Corporate Forensics. Take advantage of your architecture Juan Garrido N/A Security
XSSer - the cross site scripting framework Epsylon N/A Security
Applied Cryptography FAILS Yago Jesus N/A Security
Central Hospital. History of extortion Pedro Sanchez N/A Security
Forces of State Security I Rootedpanel N/A Security
Practical approach to denial of service Gerardo Garcia N/A Security
Welcome to your secure / home, $ user Lorenzo Martinez N/A Security
CMD: Look who's talking too Carlos Diaz N/A Security
Live Free or Die Hacking Jaime Pe N/A Security
Hardware hacking on your couch Eloi Moreno N/A Security
WHF - Windows Hooking Framework Pablo san Emeterio N/A Security
Owning "bad" guys {and} with Javascript mafia botnets Chema Alonso N/A Security
Community safety Rootedpanel Ii N/A Security
New scenarios of base station attack false GSM / GPRS Pico Perez N/A Security
Pimp Your Android Sebastian Guerrero N/A Security
Improved Process Unpacking Techniques using DBI Ricardo j. Rodriguez N/A Security
Inguma 0.5 - Red Wagon Hugo Teso N/A Security
All Your Crimeware Are Belong To Us! Manu Ruiz N/A Security
Web application security based on eID Raul Guasch N/A Security