PhreakNic15 2011 Nov. 4, 2011 to Nov. 6, 2011, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Alcohol Poisoning In Practice Warren Eckstein N/A Security
Opening Remarks Warren Eckstein N/A Security
Hack your brain with an arduino (Canceled) Ed Quiggle N/A Security
Hackers guide to pwning a pedophile Joe Seanor N/A Security
Exploring Identity through Social Networking Aestetix N/A Security
CREDITSEC - Next Generation Credit Card Security Rahul Tyagi N/A Security
Building Robust Application Security Plan Narainder Chandwani N/A Security
More PHUKED than ever Adrian Crenshaw N/A Security
Famous Unsolved Codes: Updates on Kryptos and the Voynich Manuscript Elonka Dunin N/A Security
Pancakes with the Makers Makers local 256 N/A Security
Monell's Saturday Morning Country Breakfast Staff N/A Security
Network Boot and OS Installation Howard White N/A Security
Developing and securing android apps Michael a Walker N/A Security
World's Smallest Fusion Reactor Chad Ramey N/A Security
Counter Espionage Strategy and Tactics Nick Levay N/A Security
r00tw4rz Warren Eckstein N/A Security
Wikipedia: Tips from an insider on communicating with the Hive Mind Elonka Dunin N/A Security
The Future of Webcomics Rachel Keslensky N/A Security
Lessons learned starting a startup Billy Hoffman N/A Security
Fixing Wifi Security Once And For All Tom ( Decius ) Cross N/A Security
Drunken Rant Tom ( Decius ) Cross N/A Security
Good Night and Thanks for the Mammaries Warren Eckstein N/A Security