KiwiCon 2011 Nov. 4, 2011 to Nov. 6, 2011, Wellington, New Zealand

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Metlstorm Welcomes the Combined Badasses Metlstorm Roll up, roll up. Metlstorm welcomes the Kiwicon Massive to this, the fifth installment of ... Security
The Erlang SSH Story: bug to key recovery Geoff Archaelus "It's 6pm in the office and your coffee is cold. You thought you were so ... Security
Hacking Hollywood Vt "This is a whirlwind tour through the production of film and TV, from script draft ... Security
Going Rogue Laura Bell Ever felt like someone is watching you? Wish you could protect yourself but find your ... Security
An Embarassingly Simple Approach to Securing Browser Users Peter Gutmann "Web browsers currently do virtually nothing to proactively protect users from malicious web sites. Whether ... Security
So you wanna be a hack superstar Antic0de "Come and listen as antic0de talks about life in the commercial NZ security testing scene. ... Security
Follow the money: bling-bling real compton city g bitcoin forensic accounting Alhazred "Whether it's buying drugs, financing cyber-terrorism or laundering the proceeds of organised crime, the hot ... Security
Exploit automation with PMCMA Endrazine , Jonathan Brossard In this presentation, we introduce a new exploitation methodology of invalid memory reads and writes, ...
You wouldn't copy a car (and other more appropriate analogies) Marissa Jonpillai "In the warpspeed Age of the Internets, it's hard for duly-elected representatives to keep statute ... Security
Entomology A Case Study of Rare and Interesting Bugs James Burton Many years ago the Earth was covered in plants, but today the flora and fauna ... Security
Defiling Mac OS X Snare "I thought it would be fun and educational to write a kernel rootkit for Mac ... Security
Age of the Infocalypse: Drink Everytime Someone Says 'Cyberwar' Headhntr "Three years ago, I gave a talk called Fear, Uncertainty and the Digital Armageddon on ... Security
Say my name, bitch! (IDN Homograph Mitigation Strategies) Peter Hannay The advent of internationalised domains has introduced a new threat with the non-english character sets ... Security
Cybercrime meets the "meat space" Alex Tilley This presentation will cover amongst other things the consequences when online crime meets traditional "real ... Security
iPhone, iPwn Philip Whitmore The iPhone creates an impossible conundrum of epic proportions within the enterprise. With the rapid ... Security
Mobile Apps and RFID - The Tale Of Two Techs Nick von Dadelszen Nick has previously presented on RFID security, and on mobile application security. This talk combines ... Security
How the Channel screws security John-paul Sikking A look into the conflicts and bollocks that goes on in the vendor world where ... Security
The Government is Your Friend and Wants You To Be Happy Thomas Beagle "The government isn't ignoring the internet any more - it wants to control it. An ... Security
National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Barry Brailey A brief overview of the recently launched NCSC and some of its future plans. (Barry ... Security
CREST-NZ - What you need to know Metlstorm , Narc0sis , Bdg The New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF) has recognised that as the global security industry ...
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bytes: Statistically innocent LSB steganography Edwin Hermann The point of steganography is not only to conceal a message inside an image, but ... Security
Exploiting Layer 8 errors for fun and profit - the Kiwi version Alzeih Why else you should pony up the $20 for that domain variant? Security
Abode Vulnerabilities & Decrypting the Cloud Andrew Horton , Urbanadventurer "See a couple of urbanadventurer's recent projects. 1) Abode Vulnerabilities. Learn how to bring hardware ...
Who would win in a fight between Backus and Naur? A Grammars N/A Security
X-Excess Kirk Jackson , Mike Haworth "Mobile applications are the new hotness and it seems everyone wants to build one. Unfortunately ...