Infiltrate 2012 Jan. 12, 2012 to Jan. 13, 2012, Miami, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Thomas Lim , Andrew Cushman N/A
Voight-Kampff'ing The BlackBerry PlayBook Zach Lanier , Ben Nell "The Blackberry Playbook is RIM's first (rushed-to-market) jump into the tablet market. By all accounts, ...
Unearthing the world's best WebKit bugs Michel Aubizzierre "WebKit is in a lot of browsers and applications, and it has a lot of ... Security
Effective Denial of Service attacks against web application platforms Alexander Klink , Julian Waelde To run an effective Denial of Service attack against a web application, you do not ...
A Heap of Trouble: Breaking the Linux Kernel SLOB Allocator Dan Rosenberg "Prior work on Linux kernel heap exploitation has focused almost exclusively on the SLAB and ... Security
Real World ? Leonardo Alminana SQL Injection can be a very powerful part of your hacking portfolio. But it\'s very ... Security
A Sandbox Odyssey Vincenzo Iozzo Sandboxing technologies are gaining momentum lately, in fact they are the new trending technology in ... Security
No Glove no Love: Perspectives on post-intrusion sanitisation and hygiene. The Grugq N/A Security
Attacking Proximity Card Access Systems Brad Antoniewicz From the card to the backend database, proximity card access systems contain a variety of ... Security
Easy local Windows Kernel exploitation Cesar Cerrudo For some common local Kernel vulnerabilities there is no general, multi-version and reliable way to ... Security
Secrets in Your Pocket: Analysis of [Your] Wireless Data Mark Wuergler Information disclosures are all over networks and come in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. ... Security
The Stack is Back Jon Oberheide "Once upon a maleficarum, fancy pants researchers performed mysterious vudo massages and Feng Shui in ... Security
Modern static security checking for C/C++ Julien Vanegue Static analysis is used as a complement to fuzz testing techniques for large scale and ... Security
Undermining Security Barriers - further adventures with USB Andy Davis Although the concept of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in USB drivers is not new, the ... Security