GovCERT 2011 Nov. 15, 2011 to Nov. 16, 2011, The Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome & Opening Elly Heuvel , Nicholas Witchell N/A
Dutch Cyber Security Policy Ivo Opstelten N/A Security
Dutch National Cyber Security Council Nicholas Witchell , Erik Akerboom , Ben Voorhorst , Michael van Eeten N/A
Global Prosecutors E-crime Network Mr Mpa N/A Security
The Resilience of the Internet Interconnection Infrastructure Ross Anderson N/A Security
The Advanced Cyber Security Center (ACSC): A Cyber Threat Information Sharing Consortium Bruce Bakis N/A Security
The right to be forgotten in Utopia and in practice Bert jaap Koops N/A Security
Biometrics: persons, not identities Erica Rietveld N/A Security
Recent advances in IPv6 insecurities reloaded Marc Heuse N/A Security
Why Control System Cyber Security Sucks Stefan Lueders N/A Security
Dutch National Cyber Security Center Douwe Leguit N/A Security
Analysis of a government spyware - 0zapftis Frank Rieger N/A Security
Quantum cryptography and quantum hacking Lars Lydersen N/A Security
Mobile Security Mishaps Threats and Solutions Jason Rouse N/A Security
Process Control Networks Ronald Heil N/A Security
The most difficult problems for incident response Tom Longstaff N/A Security
Legal dilemmas: the legal issues surrounding the Bredolab takedown & the intervention against child pornography services within the TOR-network Lodewijk van Zwieten N/A Security
DNSSEC: Reality & Utility - what problems does it solve today? Bert Hubert N/A Security
Beyond Lockpicks - Other Ways of Bypassing Locked Doors Deviant Ollam N/A Security
The explosion of SCADA vulnerability disclosures Kevin Hemsley N/A Security
Cyber Operations: a comprehensive approach General Schnitger N/A Security
Digital signatures and the law: the good, the bad and the ugly Arnoud Engelfriet N/A Security
Massive Data Storage Richard Ii N/A Security
New SCADA Attacks - APT, Night Dragon, and Stuxnet Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting Jonathan Pollet N/A Security
Cyber security strategy, you're doing it wrong Rop Gonggrijp N/A Security
Funny Pharma Brian Krebs N/A Security
Let's stop fighting cybercrime Ronald Prins N/A Security
Ghost in the machine - the battle for the future of cyberspace Rafal Rohozinski N/A Security
Body armor for binaries Herbert Bos N/A Security
The Diginotar incident and aftermath: avoiding SSL-mageddon Aart Jochem N/A Security
Inside Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) investigations Guido Smit N/A Security
Advanced data exfiltration: The way Q would have done it Iftach Ian Amit N/A Security
DarkMarket: crime@21st.century Misha Glenny N/A Security
tiqr: an innovative approach to 2-factor authentication Roland van Rijswijk N/A Security
Phishing is going mobile! Andre Dornbusch N/A Security
The Disciplines of Contigency Planning Peter Sommer N/A Security
Collecting Eyeballs: Measuring and Analyzing Malicious Activity on Twitter and Facebook Daniel Peck N/A Security
Sysadmin dilemma: Hosted software, or installed software? FOSS solution: Unhosted software. Michiel de Jong N/A Security
Context Enhanced Authorization Martijn Oostdijk N/A Security
The Rise of GHOSTing - Bulletproof hosting below the radar, DNS tunnelling, and what about the the Zombies? Jart Armin N/A Security
Current State of Protecting the Infrastructure United Service N/A Security
Start Catching Up: Towards Next-Generation Intrusion Detection Mario Golling N/A Security
Why is Julian Assange the most dangerous man in the world? Andrew Fowler N/A Security
Experiences in Network Analysis: from the research table to the production environments. Sandro Etalle N/A Security
Auditing the hackers' mind Raoul "Nobody" Chiesa N/A Security
Coordinating International Law Enforcement Operations Case Study: The Coreflood Botnet Federal Investigation N/A Security
HOW TO Develop Secure (Web) Applications Martin Knobloch N/A Security
Facebook Security - Strategy and Efforts Ryan Mcgeehan N/A Security
Attribute-based authentication Bart Jacobs N/A Security
HTran and the Advanced Persistent Threat Joe Stewart N/A Security
Operation Descartes: Tackling hideous crimes on the hidden web Peter Zinn N/A Security
Would my mother get this right? Designing secure systems for normal people. Dr Vereijken N/A Security
Beyond Botnets Michael Sandee N/A Security