BugCon 2012 Feb. 2, 2012 to Feb. 3, 2012, Mexico

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Full disclousure About Cisco vulnerabilities Alejandro Hernández Flores N/A Security
How to use Novell's Open Build Service Mauro Parra Miranda N/A Security
Protect network services using kernel modules and iptables Mark Schejtman N/A Security
protecting you in a public wireless network Hugo Gonzalez N/A Security
Live hacking exploit the bug to Alejandro Hernandez N/A Security
Integrating ITIL, Cobit and ISO 27000 as part of e-Government Hector Acevedo N/A Security
Ameba Framework Carlos a. Lush N/A Security
Windows 7 forensics N/a N/A Security
Google hacking Jesus Alvarez Cedillo N/A Security
Linux Systems Security Carlos Faruk N/A Security
Hacking big companies caught withour Joseph Mccray N/A Security
The role of the security expert Cesar Peregrino N/A Security
Beers & hacking Zeus N/A Security
discrete logarithm problem on elliptic curves Eduardo Ruiz Duarte N/A Security
Analysis of Malaware Armin Garcia N/A Security
CipherStorm in the World Armin Garcia N/A Security
Server Optimization N/a N/A Security
Nmap Script Engine Hugo Gonzalez N/A Security
Cracking software Rodolfo Hernandez N/A
Following the trail to USB devices Murena Martinez N/A Security
Network Authentication Across Closed Ports Mark Schejtman N/A Security
Electronic Voting System Students of Escom N/A Security
Securing CELL microprocessor code Rolando Cedillo Knight N/A Security
Virtualization Security Araico Sandino Sanchez N/A Security
Solving commons mistakes on WepApps José Carlos Nieto N/A Security
Phreaking in Mexico Eduardo Ramirez N/A Security
Vulnerabilities in Mexico modems Pedro joaquin (hkm) N/A Security
Loss of data, what wrong? Edgar Gómez N/A Security
Crating a LiveCD for security porpouses Mauro Linux , Mexico N/A
Kiddie no more Ruben Ventura N/A Security
Linux Desktop Testing Project Adlair Cerecedo N/A Security
Cryptography vs. steganography Eduardo Ruiz Duarte N/A Security
A simple phishing to mw friend on one shot Hector morales Leal N/A Security
Social Networking Security N/a N/A Security
The Human, the weak and strong side of computer security N/a N/A Security
From: La Salle University, Mexico Advanced sql Injection N/A Security
Joseph McCray Dumping Profit N/A Security
Computer-related crime in Mexico, 10 years later Yvonne v. Muoz N/A Security
The minimum security implementation Hector morales Leal N/A Security
Developing on Linux and FreeBSD shellcodes José Carlos Nieto N/A Security
Watching the watchmen Jesus Alvarez Cedillo N/A Security
FAQ Legal Yvonne v. Muoz N/A Security
Discussion: The current situation of IT in Mexico Speakers: Duarte N/A Security
Birds on the wire Carlos A. Lozano N/A Security
Trapper Project George Trujillo N/A Security
Linux distro on VideoRAM Spaker: Knight N/A Security
Fuzzing Speakers: Robledo N/A Security
Port Knocking Gonzalo Gonzalez N/A Security
Web Application Security. Jos carlos Nieto , Javier carlos Rivera N/A
The importance of WebServices in Web application development. Adlair Cerecedo N/A Security
ELF in the Spotlight: hacking and defense Alejandro Hernandez N/A Security
The policies and procedures on information security Jesus Zavala Ruiz N/A Security
Fast Flux Botnet Alexander Salgado Olivo N/A Security
Tlalokes Framework. Developed in PHP5 quickly and safely. Basil Briseo N/A Security
Linux on game consoles Rolando Cedillo Knight N/A Security
Techniques meddling using Google Hacking Jesus Alvarez Cedillo N/A Security
One Shot Phishing On Local Area Networks Hector morales Leal N/A Security
You worst enemy Araico Sandino Sanchez N/A Security