Confrence-on-computer-communications-security 2011 Oct. 17, 2011 to Oct. 21, 2011, Chicago, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome remarks and Keynote Talk Farnam Jahanian N/A Security
System security Srdjan Capkun N/A Security
VIPER: Verifying the Integrity of PERipherals' Firmware Adrian Perrig , Jonathan M. Mccune , Yanlin Li N/A
Unicorn: Two-Factor Attestation for Data Security David Lie , Mohammad Mannan , Beom Kim , Afshar Ganjali N/A
Combining Control-Flow Integrity and Static Analysis for Efficient and Validated Data Sandboxing Gang Tan , Greg Morrisett , Bin Zeng N/A
Composability of cryptographic protocols Cedric Fournet N/A Security
Composition Theorems Without Pre-Established Session Identifiers Ralf Kuesters , Max Tuengerthal N/A
Composability of Bellare-Rogaway Key Exchange Protocols Marc Fischlin , Christina Brzuska , Bogdan Warinschi , Stephen c. Williams N/A
A composable computational soundness notion Bogdan Warinschi , Veronique Cortier N/A
Hardware, SCADA, and physical security Ahmad-reza Sadeghi N/A Security
On the Requirements for Successful GPS Spoofing Attacks Kasper Bonne Rasmussen , Srdjan Capkun , Nils ole Tippenhauer , Christina Ppper N/A
Protecting Consumer Privacy from Electric Load Monitoring Patrick Mcdaniel , William Aiello , Stephen Mclaughlin N/A
PaperSpeckle: Microscopic fingerprinting of paper Ashlesh Sharma , Lakshminarayanan Subramanian , Eric Brewer N/A
On the Vulnerability of FPGA Bitstream Encryption against Power Analysis Attacks - Extracting Keys from Xilinx Virtex-II FPGAs Amir Moradi , Alessandro Barenghi , Timo Kasper , Christof Paar N/A
Authentication, access control, and audit Jaeyeon Jung N/A Security
Text-based CAPTCHA Strengths and Weaknesses Elie Bursztein , John C Mitchell , Matthieu Martin N/A
An Efficient User Verification System via Mouse Movements Nan Zheng , Aaron Wang N/A
Policy Auditing over Incomplete Logs: Theory, Implementation and Applications Deepak Garg , Limin Jia , Anupam Datta N/A
Automatic Error Finding in Access-Control Policies Steve J. Chapin , Karthick Jayaraman , Vijay Ganesh , Mahesh v. Tripunitara , Martin Rinard N/A
Wild Woolly Web Apu Kapadia N/A Security
Fashion Crimes: Trending-Term Exploitation on the Web Tyler Moore , Nektarios Leontiadis , Nicolas Christin N/A
SURF: Detecting and Measuring Search Poisoning Roberto Perdisci , Wenke Lee , Long Lu N/A
Cloak and Dagger: Dynamics of Web Search Cloaking Stefan Savage , David Wang , Geoffrey M. Voelker N/A
Cloud computing Thomas Ristenpart N/A Security
Proofs of Ownerhip in Remote Storage Systems Shai Halevi , Benny Pinkas , Danny Harnik , Alexandra Shulman-peleg N/A
How to Tell if Your Cloud Files Are Vulnerable to Drive Crashes Ari Juels , Alina Oprea , Marten van Dijk , Kevin d. Bowers , Ronald l. Rivest N/A
Sedic: Privacy-Aware Data Intensive Computing on Hybrid Cloud Kehuan Zhang , Xiaofeng Wang , Xiaoyong Zhou , Yangyi Chen , Yaoping Ruan N/A
Malware and intrusion detection Benjamin Livshits N/A Security
Deobfuscating Virtualization-Obfuscated Software: A Semantics-Based Approach Saumya K. Debray , Kevin Coogan , Gen Lu N/A
The Power of Procrastination: Detection and Mitigation of Execution-Stalling Malicious Code Christopher Kruegel , Clemens Kolbitsch , Engin Kirda N/A
MIDeA: A Multi-Parallel Intrusion Detection Architecture Sotiris Ioannidis , Michalis Polychronakis , Giorgos Vasiliadis N/A
BitShred: Feature Hashing Malware for Scalable Triage and Semantic Analysis David Brumley , Shobha Venkataraman , Jiyong Jang N/A
Formal methods and verification Anupam Datta N/A Security
Trace equivalence decision: negative tests and non-determinism Vincent Cheval , Hubert Comon-lundh , Stephanie Delaune N/A
Extracting and Verifying Cryptographic Models from C Protocol Code by Symbolic Execution Mihhail Aizatulin , Andrew Gordon , Jan Jrjens N/A
Modular Code-Based Cryptographic Verification Markulf Kohlweiss , Cedric Fournet , Pierre-yves Strub N/A
Information-Flow Types for Homomorphic Encryptions Cedric Fournet , Jrmy Planul , Tamara Rezk N/A
Virtual machines and hypervisors Ulfar Erlingsson N/A Security
Process Out-Grafting: An Efficient Out-of-VM Approach for Fine-Grained Process Execution Monitoring Xuxian Jiang , Dongyan Xu , Deepa Srinivasan , Zhi Wang N/A
SICE: A Hardware-Level Strongly Isolated Computing Environment for x86 Multi-core Platforms Ahmed Azab , Peng Zhang N/A
AmazonIA: When Elasticity Snaps Back Sven Bugiel , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Thomas Schneider , Stefan Nrnberger , Thomas Pppelmann N/A
Eliminating the Hypervisor Attack Surface for a More Secure Cloud Jakub Szefer , Eric Keller , Ruby b. Lee , Jennifer Rexford N/A
Applied cryptography Ralf Kuesters N/A Security
How to Break XML Encryption Tibor Jager , Juraj Somorovsky N/A
Ciphers that Encipher their own Keys Mihir Bellare , David Cash , Sriram Keelveedhi N/A
Password Protected Secret Sharing Nitesh Saxena , Ali Bagherzandi , Stanislaw Jarecki , Yanbin Lu N/A
Practical Delegation of Computation using Multiple Servers Ran Canetti , Ben Riva , Guy n. Rothblum N/A
Anonymous communications Nick Hopper N/A Security
Trust-based Anonymous Communication: Adversary Models and Routing Algorithms Roger Dingledine , Nick Mathewson , Paul Syverson , Aaron Johnson N/A
Cirripede: Circumvention Infrastructure using Router Redirection with Plausible Deniability Matthew Caesar , Nikita Borisov , Amir Houmansadr , Giang Nguyen N/A
Forensic Investigation of the OneSwarm Anonymous Filesharing System Swagatika Prusty , Marc Liberatore , Brian n. Levine N/A
Stealthy Traffic Analysis of Low-Latency Anonymous Communication Using Throughput Fingerprinting Prateek Mittal , Matthew Caesar , Nikita Borisov , Ahmed Khurshid , Joshua Juen N/A
Web security Xiaofeng Wang N/A Security
App Isolation: Get the Security of Multiple Browsers with Just One Collin Jackson , Adam Barth , Jason Bau , Eric yawei Chen , Charles Reis N/A
Crouching Tiger - Hidden Payload: Security Risks of Scalable Vectors Graphics Thorsten Holz , Mario Heiderich , Tilman Frosch , Meiko Jensen N/A
Fear the EAR: Discovering and Mitigating Execution After Redirect Vulnerabilities Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Adam Doupe , Bryce Boe N/A
Automated Black-box Detection of Side-Channel Vulnerabilities in Web Applications David Evans , Peter Chapman N/A
Side-channel attacks and defenses Nikita Borisov N/A Security
iSpy: Automatic Reconstruction of Typed Input from Compromising Reflections Fabian Monrose , Rahul Raguram , Andrew White , Dibyendusekhar Goswami , Jan-michael Frahm N/A
Televisions, Video Privacy, and Powerline Electromagnetic Interference Tadayoshi Kohno , Miro Enev , Sidhant Gupta , Shwetak Patel N/A
(sp)iPhone: Decoding Vibrations From Nearby Keyboards Using Mobile Phone Accelerometers Patrick Traynor , Philip Marquardt , Arunabh Verma , Henry Carter N/A
Predictive Mitigation of Timing Channels in Interactive Systems Andrew C. Myers , Danfeng Zhang , Aslan Askarov N/A
Securing Web applications Christopher Kruegel N/A Security
Whitebox Analysis of Web Applications for Parameter Tampering Exploit Construction Prithvi Bisht , Timothy Hinrichs , Nazari Skrupsky , Venkat Venkatakrishnan N/A
Context-Sensitive Auto-Sanitization in Web Templating Languages Using Type Qualifiers Dawn Song , Mike Samuel , Prateek Saxena N/A
ScriptGard: Automatic Context-Sensitive Sanitization for Large-Scale Legacy Web Applications David Molnar , Benjamin Livshits , Prateek Saxena N/A
Fortifying Web-Based Applications Automatically Samuel T. King , Shuo Tang , Nathan Dautenhahn N/A
Privacy and mobile security Yan Chen N/A Security
Android Permissions Demystified David A. Wagner , Dawn Song , Adrienne porter Felt , Erika Chin , Steve Hanna N/A
These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For: Retrofitting Android to Protect Data from Imperious Applications Stuart E. Schechter , Jaeyeon Jung , Peter Hornyack , Seungyeop Han , David Wetherall N/A
Privacy and Accountability for Location-based Aggregate Statistics Raluca Ada Popa , Hari Balakrishnan , Andrew j. Blumberg , Frank h. Li N/A
Auctions in Do-Not-Track Compliant Internet Advertising Alexey Reznichenko , Saikat Guha , Paul Francis N/A
Making secure computation practical Stefan Katzenbeisser N/A Security
Practical PIR for Electronic Commerce Ian Goldberg , Ryan Henry , Femi Olumofin N/A
Countering GATTACA: Efficient and Secure Testing of Fully-Sequenced Human Genomes Gene Tsudik , Emiliano de Cristofaro , Pierre Baldi , Roberta Baronio , Paolo Gasti N/A
Automatically Optimizing Secure Computation Florian Kerschbaum N/A Security