DeepSec 2011 Nov. 17, 2011 to Nov. 18, 2011, Vienna, Austria

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Welcome & Introduction Deepsec organisation Team N/A Security
Keynote: How Terrorists Encrypt -- LOCATION UPDATE: Riding School Duncan Campbell What do real modern terrorists do with encryption tools? Do they use them? Do they ... Security
Reassemble or GTFO! - IDS Evasion Strategies Arron ( finux ) Finnon Intrusion Detection Systems or IDS for short have been sold for many years as a ... Security
The management of IT threats. European Digital agenda's weakness Mario Valori The situation of severe economic crisis is surely known to all; the European Union to ... Security
Intelligent Bluetooth fuzzing - Why bother? Tommi Mkil , Jukka Taimisto Bluetooth robustness is wretched, no surprise there. Bluetooth test results from plugfests show 80% failure ...
Insight Into Russian Black Market Alan Kakareka Presentation gives insight into Russian black market pricing and revolves around available "products", means of ... Security
Windows Pwn 7 OEM - Owned Every Mobile? Alex Plaskett The talk will aim to provide an introduction into the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) security ... Windows Phone 7
On Cyber-Peace: Towards an International Cyber Defense Strategy Stefan Schumacher Cyberwar and Cybercrime are currently heavily discussed topics even in the mainstream media. IT, and ... Security
SMS Fuzzing - SIM Toolkit Attack Bogdan Alecu In this talk I will show how to make a phone send an SMS message ... Security
IT Security Compliance Management can be done right (and make sense when done right) Adrian Wiesmann What kind of internal and external controls from regulations and other sources are there? What ... Security
Extending Scapy by a GSM Air Interface and Validating the Implementation Using Novel Attacks Laurent ( kabel ) Weber This presentation describes the enhancement of scapy, the powerful interactive packet manipulation program, by the ... Security
Human Factors Engineering for IT Security Peter Wolkerstorfer By using practical Web 2.0 examples our talk highlights the design challenges for modern IT-security ... Security
Design and Implementation of a Secure Encryption-Layer for Skype Voice-Calls Felix Schuster Without doubt, Skype is the most famous and widely used service for voice and video-chats ... Security
Behavioral Security: 10 steps forward 5 steps backward Sourabh Satish Rule-based behavioral security has been talked about for decades BUT is it really the silver ... Security
Attack vectors on mobile devices Tam Hanna Mobile devices are everywhere - and they get smarter by the minute. But are mobile ... Security
FakeAntiVirus - Journey from Trojan to a Persisent Threat Jagadeeshchandraiah FakeAntivirus or Rogue malware is a common threat seen by most computer users today. They ... Security
The security of non-executable files Daniel Pistelli An overview of the security risks in non-executable files such as PDF, rich media and ... Security
Armageddon Redux: The Changing Face of the Infocalypse Morgan Marquis-boire Three years ago, I gave a talk at DeepSec called Fear, Uncertainty and the Digital ... Security
Identity X.0 - Securing the Insecure Khash Kiani There are a number of protocols and standards designed to deliver mechanisms for enabling the ... Security
US experience - laws, compliance and real life - when everything seems right but does not work Mikhail a. Utin While information security can be improved in a number of ways, one powerful approach is ... Security
Advances in IDS and Suricata Matt Jonkman , Victor Julien This talk give you an update on the new things in Suricata, the next-gen IDS ...
How To Rob An Online Bank And Get Away With It Mitja Kolsek Weve all heard of - or have even been a victim of - attacks against ... Security
Ground BeEF: Cutting, devouring and digesting the legs off a browser Michele Orru Browser security is still one of the trickiest challenges to afford nowadays. A lot of ... Security
Results of a Security Assessment of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Fernando Gont The IPv6 protocol suite was designed to accommodate the present and future growth of the ... Security
Why the software we use is designed to violate our privacy Christopher Soghoian Through the adoption of Web 2.0 and cloud based services, we have increasingly come to ... Security
Your crown jewels online: Further Attacks to SAP Web Applications Mariano Croce "SAP platforms are only accessible internally". You may have heard that several times. While that ... Security
Bond Tech - I Want More Than Movie Props Kizz Myanthia James Bond has the coolest tools in the world, but when do we get to ... Security
Do They Deliver - Practical Security and Load Testing of Cloud Service Providers Matthias Luft The rapid evolution of cloud based computing is often used to illustrate a possible paradigm ... Security
An online game trojan framework from China underground market Hermes Li After a long time I have been researching for the whole way for a popular ... Security
Rootkits and Trojans on Your SAP Landscape Ertunga Arsal SAP systems are the heart of many enterprises. Most critical business functions run on SAP ... Security
Malware Trends 2011 - from Cybercrime to nation-sponsored Espionage Toralv Dirro N/A Security
Patching vehicle insecurity Constantinos Patsakis , Kleanthis Dellios Current trends in automotive industry are changing the car more and more from mechanic engineering ...
Solving Social Engineering Attacks Toby Foster "Social Engineering threatens many businesses around the world and it seems that the best solution ... Security
Alerting, Reminding, Reminding, Reminding and Releasing Vulnerability Thomas Mackenzie When it comes down to releasing vulnerabilities there are no right or wrong ways to ... Security
Social Engineering for IT Security Professionals Sharon Conheady , Martin Law Social engineering is the use of deception or impersonation to gain unauthorised access to sensitive ...
Web Hacking - Attacks, Exploits and Defense Shreeraj Shah , Vimal Patel Overview Introduction and adaptation of new technologies like Ajax, Rich Internet Applications and Web Services ...
360 Degree Security Management using BMIS Rolf von Roessing The workshop will demonstrate how the Business Model for Information Security (BMIS) is used to ... Security
SAP SECURITY IN-DEPTH Juan Etchegoyen Have you ever wondered whether your business-critical SAP implementation was secure? Do you know how ... Security
Hacking IPv6 networks Fernando Gont ** Overview ** The IPv6 protocol suite was designed to accommodate the present and future ... Security
The Art of Exploiting Injection Flaws Sumit "sid" Siddharth OWASP rates injection flaws as the most critical vulnerability within the Top 10 most Critical ... Security