Security B-Sides 2011 Oct. 7, 2011 to Oct. 7, 2011, Portland, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Need for Hackers, Hackerspaces and Hacktivism Dave Marcus Technology is more pervasive than ever before. Digital threats like identity theft, targeted attacks, so-called ... Security
Breaking the Fear Cycle: How to be Disruptive in an Uncertain World Michael Dahn The global economy has shaken trust in not only corporations but entire countries. In these ... Security
SCADA Security - Why is it so hard? Amol Sarwate This talk will help those implementing security measures for SCADA systems. It will present the ... Security
Why Infosec Is Helping IT Fail And How To Fix It Gene H. Kim All too often, infosec burdens the business and IT organization by disrupting fast flow of ... Security
Operating System Security for Specific Purpose Devices Gabriel negreira Barbosa Specific purpose devices, such as wireless access points and firewalls, are everywhere and provide the ... Security
Covert Calling: Secrets of Social Engineering Revealed! Mike Ridpath , Matias Brutti What could possibly be worse than making a cold call? Socially engineering someone through a ...
Driving Secure Development Using a Threat Model Brenda Larcom "Most secure development life cycles advocate creating a threat model at design time and updating ... Security
Security *IS* a Game: Using the Blender Game Engine for Security Visualizations Jeff Bryner " is a great resource for security visualizations but most suffer from a lack of ... Security
Your Scanners are making you Tools Postmodern "As the demand for Security increases, Scanners are increasing in popularity. Scanners are being used ... Security
Level Up: How Security Isnt Like Playing A Video Game Logan Kleier Security professionals look to level up their organizations security posture whenever possible. This presentation how ... Security
Memory Disclosure and You Raid ( Raid ) Memory Disclosure and You is a talk aiming to discuss the relevance of a bug ... Security