CISOAtlanta 2012 Jan. 24, 2012 to Jan. 24, 2012, Atlanta, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Advanced Threats Are You Ready? Dave Martin In the past 18 months, a series of highly sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks across the ... Security
State-Sponsored Attacks Addressing the Bigger Threat Ira Zilist The term advanced persistent threats is often used to generically classify virtually any sophisticated attack ... Security
Leveraging Mobile Technology Playing With Fire or Gateway to Success? Jonathan Cannon , Paul Miller , Mike Whitt Recent advancements in mobile technology have presented business leaders with unprecedented opportunities for growth, innovation ...
Security 2016 How Security Must Evolve in the Next Four Years Charles Ross The challenges security professionals will face over the next four years will become increasingly complex. ... Security
Tend the Flame! Negating Neglect at Work and Home Brian Hicks 18th-century minister, John Wesley, was once asked how he attracted such large audiences to hear ... Security
Traditional Approaches to Information Security Are No Longer Sufficient Larry Ponemon Security threats against enterprises critical digital assets have grown substantially in number, scope and sophistication. ... Security
Cyber Threat A Socratic Dialogue on the Risks of Mobile Devices Stanton Gatewood Mobile computing and smart devices are a critical tool in todays networked world. Enterprises and ... Security
Subject Matter Experts: Kevin Beaver , Author Author Mark Reardon, State CISO & Director of Enterprise Governance & Planning, Georgia Technology Authority; Security ...