acksecuritycon 2012 March 26, 2012 to March 30, 2012, Colombia, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Device IOS Forensics Jaime andres Restrepo Systems Engineering and Telecommunications at the University of Manizales. Information Security Researcher with over 10 ... Security
Detecting network intrusions Beyond the IDS. Roberto Martinez "Every day the hacking tools and techniques used by Hackers are more sophisticated. It is ... Security
Seekers as a tool for Pentest Jhon cesar Arango The "information society" or "Globalization" has led to the search engines to become a powerful ... Security
Adventures and misadventures of Malware Analysis Sebastian Bortnik Adventures and Misadventures of Malware Analysis is a brief review of a series of malicious ... Security
Finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in modems Peter "hkm" Joaquin Abstract: The variety of connecting devices to the Internet is limited. The implementation of security ... Security
Welcome to your secure / home Lorenzo martinez Rodriguez The aim of the conference is to show how this can be done, so simple ... Security
OWASP Top 10 Web Sites Vs Colombia & Top 500 most used passwords in ColombiaOWASP TOP 10 WEB SITES VS COLOMBIA, FRIDAY 6 - 7:51 A.M. David Moreno The conference OWASP Top 10 Web Sites vs. Colombia is a technical tour for each ... Security
0 Days For Dinner Carlos mario Penagos "Due to the sensitivity of the talk may be released before the day of the ... Security
In the Path of VoIP Giovanni cruz Forero Within the talk is to deepen in advanced attacks on VoIP platforms. Within the talk ... Security
Computer Forensic and Support Tool against cybercrime Alvaro andrade Sejas The conference took place under a purely practical scheme, based on a real case study ... Security
Reversing Malware Are we safe with Antivirus? Alfonso Deluque "In this talk is an introduction to malware, then the analysis is performed step by ... Security
The Benefits of Making a Good Impression Deviant Ollam Lockpicking is a terrific skill to have, and it can allow you to open doors, ... Security
Manned threat not Leonardo Pigner Currently, the ANT "drone" have become the weapon of choice for armies and intelligence services ... Security
Hacking with Facebook Matias Katz This talk aims to demonstrate the risks incidental to using social networks, preferably using as ... Security