amphionforum 2012 March 28, 2012 to March 28, 2012, Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Dark Side of the Internet of Things Volker Kozok N/A Security
Securing Apps, Not Endpoints: A New Approach to Mobile Security Mike Siegel Smartphone endpoints are almost impossible to completely secure. Their is so large, and security solutions ... Security
A Fuzzing Maturity Model Ari Takanen , Founder Officer , Codenomicon N/A
Next Generation DCS and SCADA Device Security Dr. jerker Delsing A strategic approach to enable collaborative automation is to make better use of Service Cloud ... Security
What is really "Smart" in our connected world? The view from the German grid. Stephan Gerhager , Information security Officer , E.on energie Ag Future smart meters will play a central role in improving communications between utility customers, the ...
Fuzzing and Penetration Testing of Embedded Devices: Current State of the Art Ira Winkler , Codenomicon , Chief security Strategist N/A
Security Challenges for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) Technologies Jorg Eschweiler This talk will give an overview on the current state of PMR (public security, industrial ...
Angelic Malware Erik Peterson , Ido Sarig Security and device management software is starting to look an awful lot like malware and ...
New Reconfigurable TPM Architectures as the Security Anchors of Future Embedded Systems Sorin alexander Huss , Professor , Cased Center With the emergence in new technologies the requirements for trusted platforms are constantly changing. Thus, ...
Deeper Dive: Securing the European Energy Grid Jan Krueger The very connectivity that makes energy systems smarter also makes them vulnerable to sabotage by ... Security
A User-Driven Device Networking Standard: Security Enhancements via OpenFlow Routing Renato Recio The emergence of OpenFlow as the realization of Software-Defined Networking has turned the challenges of ... Security
Amphion Forum Welcome Address Adrian Turner N/A Security
Keynote Address: Device Cyber Security - Common Challenges and Common Solutions Kjetil Nilsen N/A Security
Panel: European Smart Grid Insecurity, 2012 Meera Balakrishnan , Rolf Lindemann , James Blaisdell , Chris Hanebeck N/A
Automated Mobile and Embedded Device Penetration Testing: Recent Advancements Ira Winkler N/A Security
Advancing Security Through Global Collaboration Models Dr. prescott Winter , Robert Rodriguez , Jerry Archer , Alberto Yepes The cyber security domain is going through a period of transformation as our adversaries are ...