AtlSecCon 2012 March 1, 2012 to March 2, 2012, Halifax, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening keynote Brian Krebs N/A Security
Tracking APT Campaigns Nart Villeneuve N/A Security
Engineering the Social Animal Robert Falzon N/A Security
Global DDoS Landscape Jim Deleskie N/A Security
Telus Rotman Joint Study on Canadian IT Security Practices 2011 Jonathan Raymond N/A Security
So far the Universe is Winning: How People Fail Technology Scott Walsh N/A Security
Optimizing Malware Protection for VMware Virtual Environments Keir Humble N/A Security
Modern Malware and APTs ? What Current Controls Can?t See Ajay Sood N/A Security
Forensics in the Cloud Roy Firestein N/A Security
Hacktivism, DDoS and #Anonymous Jon Blanchard N/A Security
OSSAMS, Security Testing Automation and Reporting Adrien de Beaupre N/A Security
A data-centric approach to defending against today?s information security threats Phil Sewell N/A Security
Putting wireless LAN security into context, more importantly context into wireless security Glen Stacy N/A Security
Introduction to BackTrack 5 Andrew Kozma N/A Security
No Compromises: Virtualization Security Stefano Tiranardi N/A Security
Opening keynote:Where Automation Ends and People Begin Henry Stern N/A Security
Trust Models in Cloud Computing Predrag Zivic N/A Security
Getting Hardware "Deep" with Security and Operations Control Dean Carey N/A Security
Developing Cyber Threat Intelligence Adrien de Beaupre N/A Security
The use of Forensics to Optimize your Security Deployment Russ Doucet N/A Security
Lunch Keynote:Learn yourself security from web comics Steve Bromwich N/A Security
Vuln Check Tuesday (AKA Exploit Wednesday) Jeremy Richards N/A Security
Security in the Post-PC Era ? A Glimpse Into the Labs at Kaspersky Speaker: kevin Krempulec N/A Security
There be Werewolf's - Can your silver bullets save you? Travis r. Barlow N/A Security