DEF CON 03 Aug. 4, 1995 to Aug. 6, 1995, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Issues Surrounding Cryptography, Digital Authentication, And Digital Cash Bruce Schneier None Security
Information Warfare, The Year In Review Winn Schwartau None Security
Why Hackers Should Be Considered A National Asset Robert Steele Security
Agents In The Telecommunications Context, And Smart Software That We 'Trust' To Do The Right Thing Curtis Karnow None Security
Social Engineering And Psychological Subversion Of Trusted Systems Susan Thunder None Security
Survey Of Irc Girrrlz, Theora None Security
The Paper Trail Of Identity Documents And What You Can Do About It. General Q&Amp;A John Q. Newman None Security
A Short Talk On Mag Stripe Reader/Writers And Concerns Surrounding Credit Card Fraud Mr. Evil None Security
Q &Amp; A, Overview Of Governmental Activities And Stuff Surrounding Area-51 Glenn Campbell None Security
Carefully Consider Your Intentions Before Embarking Down The Road Of Serious Hacking. How Far Are You Willing To Go? Oscar Meyer None Security
The Party'S Over: Why Hacking Sucks Stephen Cobb None Security
Security Auditing + Panel Of Oscar Meyer, Mel, Bin High? Peter Shipley None Security Panel Auditing
Why The Media Sucks And Why It Doesn'T Pay To Mess With Mr. T Deth Vegetable None Security Media
European Scene Update The Dark Knight None Security