InfoSec SouthWest 2012 March 30, 2012 to March 31, 2012, Texas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Peiter ( Mudge ) Zatko This talk will show the new strategy in cyber that Mudge has helped to create ... Security
A New Technique in Data Exfiltration and Confidentiality Josh Sokol , Orlando barrera Ii In this presentation, we unveil a new proof-of-concept tool that combines the confidentiality of encryption, ...
Attacking CAPTCHAs for Fun and Profit Gursev Singh Kalra CAPTCHAs are a potent mechanism to protect web applications against automated form submissions. To analyze ... Security
Attacking the GoogleTV Amir ( zenofex ) Etemadieh The talk will focus on the three current GoogleTV devices, the security measures used by ... Security
How to Encrypt and Dedup Archives at the Same Time Marco Peereboom Everyone who appreciates security and privacy would love to have an off site archiving solution. ... Security
Cyberwar 4-G - aka The Coming Smart Phone Wars Winn Schwartau What do governments, agencies, critical infrastructures and cyber-commands do when it has 2 billion more ... Security
Exploit Shop : 1-day Patch Analysis Project Byoungyoung Lee "ExploitShop project kicked off at Sep 2011, and this project aims at analyzing Microsoft patches. ... Security
Exploiting Memory Corruption in the Java Runtime Joshua ( jduck ) Drake The Oracle (previously Sun) Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is among the most widely attacked software ... Security
Improving Software Security with Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Richard Johnson This talk will present an analysis of popular dynamic binary instrumentation frameworks, focusing on the ... Security
Ripe for the Picking: 100 Million Leaked Passwords and its Impact on Password Research Rick Redman In the past year, over 100 million passwords, and password hashes have been leaked by ... Security
JS 2.0 Encoders - Forcing Change in Browser Exploit Detection Brandon Dixon "Contrary to popular belief, not all attackers are dumb and some have found use in ... Security
Security Patent Medicine Side Show Nick Depetrillo , Lurene ( pusscat ) Grenier After yeas of patient study and delving into the dusty record of the past, as ...
Selecting Features to Classify Malware Karthik Raman "Polymorphic malware is a menace to modern computing and a strain on business productivity. The ... Security