TROOPERS 2012 March 19, 2012 to March 23, 2012, Heidelberg, Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
DISCQO: Discourse on Implications for Security and Crytpography from Quantum Oddness Graeme Neilson Quantum computing is a fascinating, emerging technology with a potentially huge impact on security. This ... Security
Cloud Storage and Its Implications on Security and Privacy Manuel Leithner With everything moving to the cloud nowadays, security and privacy is often left behind. An ... Security
The Social Map Johnny Deutsch In our talk we will discuss about the threats that social networks pose on organizations. ... Security
Secure Password Managers and Military-Grade Encryption on Smartphones: Oh Really? Dmitry Sklyarov The task of providing privacy and data confidentiality with mobile applications becomes more and more ... Security
Into the Darkness: Dissecting Targeted Attacks Rodrigo Rubira Branco The current threat landscape around cyber attacks is complex and hard to understand even for ... Security
Security can not only Be Managed by Numbers You Need More Carsten Amann From the managements perspective IT security is usually reduced to key performance indicators. Those indicators ... Security
Theory of Insecurity Meredith L. Patterson , Sergey Bratus Why is the overwhelming majority of networked software still not secure, despite all effort to ...
Real SAP Backdoors Andreas Wiegenstein In the past year the number of lecture sessions with traumatizing headlines about hacking SAP ... Security
All Your Calls are Still Belong to Us How We Compromised the Cisco VoIP Crypto Ecosystem Enno Rey , Daniel Mende Modern Enterprise VoIP solutions are complex beasts. They usually encompass application servers (e.g. for mailboxes ...
Securing Robot Mosquitoes with Laser Beams for Eyes in the Enterprise Pete Herzog One day employees start bringing robot mosquitoes into the office. They have robot mosquitoes at ... Security
Excel (and Office apps) Kills the Citrix (or Terminal Services) Star Chema Alonso , Juan Garrido Microsoft Office (and Excel) are common applications in big companies and in a big amount ...
Security Professionals: Plumbers of Trust Piotr Cofta Trust is a foundation of security, so that it is often overlooked. The presentational analyses ... Security
Legal and Efficient Web App Testing Without Permission Abraham Aranguren This talk will be a highly practical walk-through for the items in the OWASP Testing ... Security
Business Application Security in a Global Enterprise Thomas Stocker In this talk the business application security process at Allianz SE will be laid out. ... Security
Got your Nose! How to Steal Your Precious Data Without Using Scripts Mario Heiderich Cross Site Scripting techniques and quirky JavaScript have received a lot of attention recently more ... Security
BYOD Does It Work? Enno Rey , Rene Graf In many organizations Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approaches are either subject to intensive discussion ...
More Fun Using Kautilya or Is It a Thumb Drive? Is It a Toy? No, Its a Keyboard Nikhil Mittal How many non-traditional methods you use to get into systems? How about having some more ... Security
Welcome to Bluetooth Smart Michael Ossmann Bluetooth Smart, formerly known as Bluetooth Low Energy, is an entirely new wireless protocol that ... Security
Some Notes on Web Application Firewalls or Why You still Get Owned Michael Thumann , Frank Block This talk illuminates Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), with particular focus on the negative detection model. ...