DEF CON 02 July 22, 1994 to July 24, 1994, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Recombinant Culture: Crime In The Digital Network. Curtis Karnow None Security
Excellent War Stories From Past Investigations Chris Hall None Security
The State Of Pirate Radio And On Battling The Fcc Steven Dunnifer None Security
Overview Of Tempest And Vaneck Shielding And Radiation Winn Schwartau None Security
Anti Virus Programming, Or, Cleaning Up After Other People'S Messes Padgett Peterson None Security
Mark Will Talk About Hacking Cellular Phones Mark Lottor None Security
High Energy, Radio Frequency (Herf) And Electro Magnetic Pulse (Emp) Weapons And Technology Winn Schwartau None Security
The European Hacking Community And 'Scene' Torquie None Security Community
The First Annual Virus Creation Awards, And What To Do When The Feds Come Dr. Mark Ludwig None Security
What The Software Protection Agency (Spa) Does, Its Charter, And What Its Member Companies Want Peter Buruk None Security
Wk Reveals Illegal Fbi Wire Tap Activity White Knight None Security
Computer Warriors! Unknown None Security
Artimage Closes Down The Convention: Artimage None Security