ASIS 2012 April 15, 2012 to April 17, 2012, London, UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Session & Keynote Speaker Word of Welcome Mr bernard Hogan-howe , Adrian Kendry N/A
Managing the Risk Related to Social Media Mark Johnson N/A
Panel Discussion: Convergence of Business Services Brian Sims , Alessandro Lega , Philippo Abramo N/A
Diplomatic Security - Exercising Duty of Care in a Strange New World Mike Croll N/A Security
Computer Forensics in Protecting Company's Intellectual Property Goran Oparnica N/A Security
Social Networking at Deutsche Telekom Volker Wagner N/A Security
Product Value Management: Asset Protection as Profit Generation Adrian Beck N/A Security
Dealing with Civil Disturbance - A Tale of Two Cities Didier Joubert N/A
Piracy and the growth of the maritime security industry Peter Cook N/A
Latest Trends in Cyberthreats Nick Murison N/A Security
Managing International Operations Risk Bruce Mcindoe N/A
Communicating with Generation Y Bernadette Palmer N/A
Espionage: A Strategic Approach to a Corporate Issue Emma Shaw N/A Security
Bribery Act : Business Risks and Challenges (presentation title to be confirmed) Richard Elliott , Michael Hatchwell N/A
Security Redefined - Evolution from established security technology and management Daryn Flynn N/A
Due Diligence & Pre-employment Screening Chris Brogan N/A
Protecting Public Health: Successful Strategies for Tackling Illegal Online Pharmacies Richard e. Widup , Stephen Truick , Nimo Ahmed , David Shore N/A
Collaboration of Public and Private Sectors and Law Enforcement in Fighting Fraud and Policing Cyberspace - Part I Stephen Harrison , Roger Graef , Victoria Baines , Susan Daley N/A
Securing Board Room Engagement Crawford Robinson N/A Security
Protection of Very Large Construction Sites Stewart Kidd N/A Security
Collaboration of Public and Private Sectors and Law Enforcement in Fighting Fraud and Policing Cyberspace - Part II Stephen Harrison , Roger Graef , Susan Daley , Victoria Baines , Charlie Mcmurdie N/A
Global Society. Global Security. What's Next? Matthias Ernst N/A Security
Security as a Profession: Exploring Latest Trends and Initiatives from Around the World Jason Brown , Mike Bluestone , Per Lundkvist , Alison Wakefield , Michael Pepper N/A
Protecting Tall Buildings Against Extremism Chris Tomlinson N/A Security
Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker Harris , James Brokenshire N/A
The Case for Converged Security Martin Smith , Volker Wagner N/A
20 Years of Private Security in Russia: the Peculiarities of the Local Security Market Oleg Popov , Jan Wenner N/A
Analysis of Communicated Threats Totti Karpela N/A
Case Study: Lessons Learnt from Designing and Implementing an Integrated Crisis, Risk and Security Organisation Robin Kroha N/A
Cyber Fraud: I am hacked but I only clicked on Paris Hilton Image? Azeem Aleem N/A Security
Behavioural Pattern Detection: A Proactive Security Approach David Harel N/A Security
How far should the State regulate Private Security? And should private security agents be armed? Debating the issue. Nicolas le Saux N/A Security
Protecting Data Center Joe Mcdonald N/A Security
Reducing Business Crime - Collaboration not Isolation Richard Stones , Paul Broadbent , Barrie Millet N/A
Olympic Terrorism Concerns - Past & Present Glenn Schoen N/A Security
Understanding and Protecting the Value Chain Marc Siegel , Jos miguel Sobron N/A
Planning of Travel Security Oliver Fein N/A
Managing the Risk of Economic Crime Torsten Wolf N/A
Security in the Future: the Positive Business Differentiator Martin Gill N/A
Implementing Homogeneous Security Standards in a Heterogeneous Global Company Axel Petri N/A
Communicating Security: What You Need to Know, To Tell Others Tanya Spencer N/A
Working alongside Political Islam in a changed Middle East Hugh Mcleod N/A
Activating Security and Investigations Worldwide Roger Warwick N/A
Grey Markets and Terrorism: How Intellectual Property Violations Fund Terrorist Activities Amanda morrow Jensen N/A N/A
Challenges in protecting soft targets Andy Williams , Alexandros Pareskevas , Fredrik Rehnstrom , Peter Finch N/A