GovSecInfo 2012 April 2, 2012 to April 4, 2012, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Conducting Successful Table Top Exercises Edward \xe2\x80\x9cted\xe2\x80\x9d Brown , Morris Davis N/A
Federal Identity, Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM) Ron Martin N/A Security
The Disaster Experience Bob Mellinger N/A Security
An Interactive Learning Event: Business Continuity Testing Solutions Jeannette tebrich Smith N/A N/A Security
Ensuring a Successful BIA Edward \xe2\x80\x9cted\xe2\x80\x9d Brown , Morris Davis N/A
BCP-OVR: Business Continuity Planning Overview Kelley Okolita N/A Security
Lie To Me: Secrets of Linguistic Lie Detection Nejolla Korris N/A Security
Protecting the U.S. from Terrorist Attacks: The FBI Counterterrorism Division’s Top Priority Ralph s. Boelter N/A Security
The FBI’s Role in Combating Cybercrime Gordon Snow N/A Security
Turmoil in the Middle East: What it Means for American Security George j. Mitchell N/A Security
Nuclear Security in the New Threat Environment Gregory b. Jaczko N/A Security
Using Technology to Empower the New Fighter Warrior: Lessons from the “Bull Frog” Seal Commander Eric Olson N/A Security
Evolving Active Shooter Threats Don Alwes N/A Security
The Dark Side of Facebook: Online Radicalization and Security Implications for Law Enforcement Alix Levine N/A Security
How International Travelers Protect Themselves from Espionage: Case Studies and Technical Demonstrations Luke Bencie N/A Security
Psychology of Narcoterrorism: Understanding the Minds of Attackers Robert Brzenchek , Dale Yeager N/A
Mexico Counter Insurgency Strategy: Protecting America Via a Three-Prong Approach Dr. paul Chabot N/A Security
Violent Islamist Extremism and Terrorism Incident Response for the North American Context: The Toronto 18 as a Case Study Mubin Shaikh , Alison Buchanan N/A
The Global IED Epidemic: Much More than just a Military Problem Colonel bob Morris , Gerald Gahima , Austin c. Miller N/A
Suicide Bombing - A Global Phenomenon Glen Rudner , John Brown N/A
The Art of Information Sharing: Sharing the Information that People Need While Ensuring Security and Protecting Privacy Michael Howell N/A
Encountering the Suicide Bomber: Are You Mentally Prepared? Christopher Hinn N/A
The Power of Social Media in Combating Terrorism Colonel bob Morris , Gerald Gahima , David Peck , Francis h. Kearney , Humera Khan , Haruna Ismaila N/A
Thwarted Terror Plots and Islamic Radicalization: Combating Complacency in the Long War on Terror Mubin Shaikh , Alison Buchanan , Jessica Zuckerman N/A
Industrial Control Systems: The Next Cyber Attack Vulnerability Kevin Hemsley , Sanaz Browarny , Ryan Kimmitt N/A
Radiation Emergency: Detection Methods Your Agency Should Employ Before & After Gordon Drukier , Mari Maeda N/A
Disaster Loss Analysis: Methodology and Simulation Tool for Geospatial Planning and Consequence Assessments Eric Berman N/A
Situational Awareness and Effective Response for Critical Infrastructure and Facilities Christopher Gettings N/A
Building A Municipal Security Operations Center: A Case Study Byron \xe2\x80\x9cskip\xe2\x80\x9d Camp , Director N/A
Interdependencies Across Critical Infrastructure Sectors: A Multi-Sector Interactive Exercise Matthew Everett N/A
How I "Pwn" Your Network: A Chat with a Social Engineer and Facility Breach Expert Kai Axford N/A
Building an Action Plan for Today’s Sophisticated Threats David Amsler , Dan Wiley N/A
Understanding Computer Espionage: Targeted Espionage from within Your Organization Kai Axford N/A
Stop Making Life Easier for Cybercriminals! Foundational Steps for Cyber Security Programs C. ryan Brewer N/A
Beyond Employee Profiling: Defeating the Insider Threat in Government Todd Thiemann N/A
Chinese Cyber Espionage: Countering the Dragon Nick Levay N/A
Digital Domination: Achieving Effective Forensic Analysis of Multiple Digital Devices Lee Reiber N/A
Eye on the Cloud: Transitioning Physical Security Systems to IP Steve Surfaro N/A
Creating an IP-Based Physical Security Solution Matt Powers N/A
Physical and IT Convergence: A Strategic Approach to Risk Management Jon Kim N/A
Maturity Model for Identity, Credentialing and Access Management Ron Martin N/A
How Large Agencies Address Authentication, Access Control and Compliance with Existing Infrastructure David Mcneely N/A
Management and Security of Smart Devices: How To Connect Smart Devices to Corporate Networks Sajay Rai , Mary elizabeth Faulkner N/A
Ten Essential Principles for Strategically Converging Information Technology with Physical Security Michael Levin , Scott Caulk N/A
Continuity of Government (COG): Ensuring the Continued Operation of Public Safety Dan Eggleston N/A Security
Building the Cloud Contingency Plan: Lessons Learned Mark Spreitzer N/A
The Art & Science of Successful Incident Team Management Bruce Blythe N/A
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery: Even More Critical In A Down Economy Edward \xe2\x80\x9cted\xe2\x80\x9d Brown N/A
Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness: Crafting a More Feasible, Cost Effective Program Steve Casper , Dominick Pizoli N/A
Supply Chain Business Continuity: Implications of Fukushima Eli Dabich N/A
Coming Together In A Crisis: How the Financial Services Sector Responds Denise Anderson N/A
Conducting a Risk Assessment: The Theory and Process Michael Shandrowski N/A
Streamlining Your Continuity Exercise Program Cary Jasgur N/A
Disaster Strikes: What's Your Social Media Plan? Sandy Levine N/A
Business Recovery: A Family Preparedness Program for Your BC Staff Cary Jasgur N/A
Situation Management 101: How to Unify Siloed Systems into a Common Operating Picture Dan Robinson , Chris Swecker N/A
How Official Agencies Verify or Validate Information Spread through Social Media in Emergency Situations John Brown , David m. Mckernan , N. anthony Alexiou N/A
State of the Art Emergency Notification Systems: Advances in Smartphone and Social Media Integration Roger Beatty N/A
FBI LEO: Secure Communication and Information Sharing for Law Enforcement C'anna Keffer N/A
Providing Technology Tools and Assistance to Support Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Missions Michael O'Shea N/A
Ensuring Resilience Through Effective Continuity Planning Patricia ann Buckingham N/A
Transferring Excess DOD Property from Warfighter to Crimefighter Dan j. Arnold N/A
Keeping People Safe and Secure in Federal Facilities: An Introduction to the Interagency Security Committee Bernard Holt N/A
Tools, Training and Tips for an Effective Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Program Steven g. King N/A
The DHS Office for Bombing Prevention TRIPwire Program: Supporting First Responders in the Field Dennis Molloy N/A
Tier II Role Based Training/Information Assurance Courses Don Vanderau , Mike Riley N/A
Partners for Emergency Communications Michael Echols , Amanda Hilliard N/A
Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) Adam v. Tarsi N/A
Activities in the Computer Security Division at NIST Matthew Scholl N/A
DHS/FEMA Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness (PS-Prep™) Accreditation Program: What is PS-Prep™? Ashley p. Moore N/A
Cisco: Solutions Theater Presentation - Deploying Mission-Critical Networking with Confidence Catherine blackadar Nelson N/A
Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc.: The Mobile Apps Experience - WifI Rogue Detection - Kindle Fire Android Application for Yellowjacket b/a/n/g analyzer Scott n. Schober N/A
Lauren Innovations: The Mobile Apps Experience - Emerging Technologies for Field Applications Russell c. Collett N/A
SoBran, Inc.: Solutions Theater Presentation - Bio-Threat Security: Expanding our understanding of biological threats beyond bio-terrorism Marshall keith James N/A
Microsoft: The Mobile Apps Experience - Windows Phone 7 Security Model Joel Reyes N/A
NetIQ: Solutions Theater Presentation - Disaster Recovery and the Cloud Tom Cecere N/A
MediaSolv: The Mobile Apps Experience - New Tracer Mobile App Provides Digital Evidence Management On the Go Tom Hessen N/A
Identity Stronghold: The Mobile Apps Experience - Your Own NFC-enabled Smart Phone Can be Spying on You Walt Augustinowicz N/A
Dell: Solutions Theater Presentation - Building Public-Private Partnerships to Support National Security Objectives Michael r. Dorsey N/A
Fulcrum Biometrics: The Mobile Apps Experience - Biometrics-Enabled Smartphone & Tablet Apps Kathleen Erickson N/A
AT&T: The Mobile Apps Experience - Encrypted Mobile Voice Glenn Schoonover N/A
Assa Abloy/HID: Solutions Theater Presentation - pivCLASS Solutions Dave Adams , Chris Gaughan N/A
RedHat: Solutions Theater Presentation - Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 and sVirt - A powerful kernel-based security solution for virtualized workloads Dan Walsh , Rob Washburn N/A
Neustar: Solutions Theater Presentation - "Of Black Holes, 0Days, and Gh0sts in the Night" Rodney Joffe N/A
AT&T: Solutions Theater Presentation - Critical Communications Jason Carlo N/A
Fostering Effective Technologies: Benefits the Congress-enacted SAFETY Act provides Manufacturers and Suppliers of Anti-Terrorism Technologies or Services Bruce b. Davidson N/A
Security Clearance Mini Workshop Juliette tracey Goldman , Dow a. Williamson N/A
Building Career Competencies and Professional Recognition with CPP, PCI & PSP Philip Deming N/A
Risks of Terrorism in Continuity Planning - Guardian Accord Tabletops Maria d. Stanton N/A
Rule of Law in Cyber Conflict & Cybercrime David Dagon , Paul A. Vixie , Jody Westby , David Weitzel , David o. Ward , Michael Aisenberg , Matthew Esworthy , Lani Kass , Curtis ks Levinson , Mark d. Rasch , Juan Lamothe N/A
Identifying and Responding to Identity Theft Levi Gundert N/A
Funding Homeland Security with Grants Money Sarah Wilson , Denise Schlegel N/A
CISSP Exam Prep Clinic Eric Handy N/A
2011 Espionage Debrief: A Worldwide Year in Review David Major N/A
Law Enforcement Officers Killed & Assaulted (LEOKA): Safety & Street Survival Training Class Brian Mcallister N/A
Assisting Victims of Identity Theft James Gierke N/A