Hackito Ergo Sum 2012 April 12, 2012 to April 14, 2012, Paris, France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote #1] Cèdric ( Sid ) Blancher N/A Security
[Keynote #2] Fyodor Yarochkin N/A ExcludeThinkstScapes
[Keynote #3] Marc Heuse N/A Security
[Lockpickito Ergo Sum] Walter Bergers N/A Security
[Modern webapp hacking or how to kill a bounty program] Itzhak "Zuk" Avraham , Nir Goldshlager In this presentation we will cover critical aspects of web applications, and how these techniques ... ExcludeThinkstScapes
["Secure Password Managers" and "Military-Grade Encryption" on Smartphones: Oh Really?] Dmitry Sklyarov , Andrey Belenko The task of providing privacy and data confidentiality with mobile applications becomes more and more ...
Hardware backdooring is practical Jonathan Brossard , Florentin Demetrescu This presentation will demonstrate that permanent backdooring of hardware is practical. We have built a ... Hardware General IncludeThinkstScapes Bootkit
[Cryptographic Function Identification in Obfuscated Binary Programs] Joan Calvet Therefore we will discuss in this talk the way we implemented a cryptographic function identification ... Reverse Engineering Cryptography IncludeThinkstScapes
[Easy Local Windows Kernel Exploitation] Cesar Cerrudo For some common local Kernel vulnerabilities there is no general, multi-version and reliable way to ... Security
Recent Advances in IPv6 Security Fernando Slides Fernando Gont will discuss the results of the aforementioned project, discussing the most recent advances ... IPv6 ExcludeThinkstScapes
[Strange and Radiant Machines in the PHY Layer] Sergey Bratus , Travis Goodspeed As V.I. Lenin wrote, the electron is as inexhaustible as the atom. In Materialism and ... Hardware Reverse Engineering ExcludeThinkstScapes
[Hacking the NFC credit cards for fun and debit ; )] Renaud Lifchitz MasterCard and Visa are currently releasing new contactless credits cards worldwide. Payments can become faster, ... ExcludeThinkstScapes NFC
[All Your Calls Are Still Belong to Us - How We Compromised the Cisco VoIP Crypto Ecosystem] Enno Rey , Daniel Mende Modern Enterprise VoIP solutions are complex beasts. They usually encompass application servers (e.g. for mailboxes ... ExcludeThinkstScapes VOIP
Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Reversing...] Brandon Edwards , Aaron Portnoy IDA Pro presents the reverse engineer with a vast array of tools and capabilities, but ... ExcludeThinkstScapes
Decomposing the Network to perform Attack Planning under Uncertainty Carlos Sarraute As penetration testing tools have evolved and have become more complex, the problem of controlling ... IncludeThinkstScapes Formal Methods Attack Planning
["The System of Automatic Searching for Vulnerabilities or how to use Taint Analysis to find security bugs"] Nikita Tarakanov , Alexander Bazhanyuk In this presentation we will discuss The System of Automatic Searching for Vulnerabilities (SASV). We ... ExcludeThinkstScapes
Exploiting a Coalmine: Abusing Complex Bugs in Webkit’s RenderArena Georg Wicherski ExcludeThinkstScapes Instrumentation