9th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation 2012 April 25, 2012 to April 27, 2012, San Jose, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks and Awards Presentations Steven D. Gribble N/A Security
Big Data Nick Feamster N/A Security
CORFU: A Shared Log Design for Flash Clusters Dahlia Malkhi , Mahesh Balakrishnan , Vijayan Prabhakaran , Ted Wobber , Michael Wei , John d. Davis N/A
Resilient Distributed Datasets: A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing Tathagata Das , Scott Shenker , Matei Zaharia , Maruf Hossan Chowdhury , Ankur Dave , Justin Ma , Murphy Mccauley , Michael j. Franklin , Ion Stoica N/A
Camdoop: Exploiting In-network Aggregation for Big Data Applications Paolo Costa , Austin Donnelly , Antony Rowstron , Greg O'shea N/A
Wireless Brad Karp N/A Security
WiFi-NC : WiFi Over Narrow Channels Krishna Chintalapudi , Bozidar Radunovic , Vlad Balan , Michael Buettener , Srinivas Yerramalli , Vishnu Navda , Ramachandran Ramjee N/A
Catching Whales and Minnows Using WiFiNet: Deconstructing Non-WiFi Interference Using WiFi Hardware Shravan Rayanchu , Ashish Patro , Suman Banerjee N/A
Content and Service-Oriented Networking Emin gn Sirer N/A Security
RPT: Re-architecting Loss Protection for Content-Aware Networks Aditya Akella , Dongsu Han , Ashok Anand , Srinivasan Seshan N/A
Serval: An End-Host Stack for Service-Centric Networking Michael J. Freedman , Jennifer Rexford , Erik Nordstrm , David Shue , Prem Gopalan , Rob Kiefer , Matvey Arye , Steven Ko N/A
Reliable Client Accounting for P2P-Infrastructure Hybrids Paarijaat Aditya , Mingchen Zhao , Yin Lin , Andreas Haeberlen , Peter Druschel , Bruce Maggs , Bill Wishon N/A
Network Robustness Ranveer Chandra N/A Security
Header Space Analysis: Static Checking for Networks Nick Mckeown , Peyman Kazemian , George Varghese N/A
A NICE Way to Test OpenFlow Applications Jennifer Rexford , Marco Canini , Daniele Venzano , Peter Pereni , Dejan Kostic N/A
Toward Predictable Performance in Software Packet-Processing Platforms Mihai Dobrescu , Katerina Argyraki , Sylvia Ratnasamy N/A
Privacy Xiaowei Yang N/A Security
Detecting and Defending Against Third-Party Tracking on the Web Tadayoshi Kohno , Franziska Roesner , David Wetherall N/A
Towards Statistical Queries over Distributed Private User Data Alexey Reznichenko , Paul Francis , Ruichuan Chen , Johannes Gehrke N/A
Koi: A Location-Privacy Platform for Smartphone Apps Saikat Guha , Mudit Jain , Venkata n. Padmanabhan N/A
Security and Availability Ed Nightingale N/A Security
Aiding the Detection of Fake Accounts in Large Scale Social Online Services Michael Sirivianos , Xiaowei Yang , Qiang Cao , Tiago Pregueiro , Tuenti N/A
Don't Lose Sleep Over Availability: The GreenUp Decentralized Wakeup Service Siddhartha Sen , Jacob r. Lorch , Richard Hughes , Carlos Suarez , Brian Zill , Weverton Cordeiro , Jitendra Padhye N/A
Data Center Networking Srikanth Kandula N/A Security
Jellyfish: Networking Data Centers Randomly Chi-yao Hong , Ankit Singla , Lucian Popa , P. brighten Godfrey N/A
OSA: An Optical Switching Architecture for Data Center Networks with Unprecedented Flexibility Ankit Singla , Kai Chen , Atul Singh , Kishore Ramachandran , Lei Xu , Yueping Zhang , Xitao Chen N/A
Less Is More: Trading a Little Bandwidth for Ultra-Low Latency in the Data Center Amin Vahdat , Mohammad Alizadeh , Abdul Kabbani , Tom Edsall , Balaji Prabhakar , Masato Yasuda N/A
Big Data (2) Michael J. Freedman N/A Security
PACMan: Coordinated Memory Caching for Parallel Jobs Scott Shenker , Ion Stoica , Srikanth Kandula , Ganesh Ananthanarayanan , Ali Ghodsi , Andrew Wang , Dhruba Borthakur N/A
Reoptimizing Data Parallel Computing Sameer Agarwal , Ion Stoica , Srikanth Kandula , Nico Bruno , Ming-chuan Wu , Jingren Zhou N/A
Optimizing Data Shuffling in Data-Parallel Computation by Understanding User-Defined Functions Jingren Zhou , Jiaxing Zhang , Hucheng Zhou , Rishan Chen , Xuepeng Fan , Zhenyu Guo , Haoxiang Lin , Jack y. Li , Wei Lin , Lidong Zhou N/A
Poster Session and Reception Srikanth Kandula N/A Security
New Architectures and Platforms Srinivasan Seshan N/A Security
XIA: Efficient Support for Evolvable Internetworking Aditya Akella , Dongsu Han , Ashok Anand , Srinivasan Seshan , Fahad Dogar , Boyan Li , Hyeontaek Lim , Michel Machado , Arvind Mukundan , Wenfei Wu , Dave Andersen , John w. Byers , Peter Steenkiste N/A
Design and Implementation of a Consolidated Middlebox Architecture Michael K. Reiter , Sylvia Ratnasamy , Vyas Sekar , Norbert Egi , Guangyu Shi N/A
An Operating System for the Home Colin Dixon , Ratul Mahajan , Sharad Agarwal , A.j. bernheim Brush , Bongshin Lee , Stefan Saroiu , Paramvir Bahl N/A
Cloud Performance Dave Andersen N/A
Structured Comparative Analysis of Systems Logs to Diagnose Performance Problems Karthik Nagaraj , Charles Killian , Jennifer Neville N/A
Orchestrating the Deployment of Computations in the Cloud with Conductor Alexander Wieder , Pramod Bhatotia , Ansley Post , Rodrigo Rodrigues N/A
Transport Jon Crowcroft N/A Security
Fitting Square Pegs Through Round Pipes: Unordered Delivery Wire-Compatible with TCP and TLS Michael f. Nowlan , Nabin Tiwari , Janardhan Iyengar , Syed obaid Amin , Bryan Ford N/A
How Hard Can It Be? Designing and Implementing a Deployable Multipath TCP Mark Handley , Costin Raiciu , Christoph Paasch , Sebastien Barre , Alan Honda , Fabien Duchene , Olivier Bonaventure N/A