The Security Confab 2012 April 15, 2012 to April 17, 2012, La Jolla, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Jerry Archer , Sallie Mae , Bob Bragdon N/A
Value Illumination with Risk Management Jamil Farshchi This presentation will provide a high-level overview of the Value Illumination Strategic Security Model. This ... Security
Designing, Developing and Implementing an IT Vendor Assurance Program Vincent Campitelli Management, McKesson Corporation In this session, learn how McKesson created a program to quickly identify ... Security
Metadata and Visualization: New Tools for Managing Complex Problems Kurt Neumann A proliferation of security tools, mass aggregates of data, and analytical requirements have made maintaining ... Security
Info Securitys Perfect Storm Security Requirements for 2011 and Beyond Ray Wizbowski The year 2011 is quickly becoming the year of the breach. With financial institutions, online ... Security
Ethics in the Workplace Kevin Smith The root cause of internal theft or employee misconduct is a matter of ethics. This ... Security
Integration Challenges of Acquisitions Mary Ann Davidson Acquisition integration presents many integration challenges, among them enforcing consistent secure development and assurance standards ... Security
Dont Forget the Guy in the Bright Pink Shirt Sean Cordero Information security tools continue to bolster the visibility into enterprises, but with this arsenal in ... Security
How IQT Can Help Fund Cyber Security Startups George Hoyem In this session, well discuss how IQT can help these startups gain access to large ... Security
The Cyber Espionage Threat You are a Player Robert Bigman Cyber espionage takes advantage of nave, and often irresponsible, participants in a deadly serious game ... Security
Top Website Vulnerabilities: Trends, Business Effects and How to Fight Them Jeremiah Grossman Most websites were exposed to at least one, serious vulnerability every day of 2010. Only ... Security
Security Benchmarking Abe Kleinfeld The time has come for all organizations to measure the performance of our security ecosystem ... Security
Gray, the New Black: Gray-Box Web Vulnerability Testing Brian Chess Penetration testers who use only black-box tools are destined to lose to attackers who are ... Security
Testing Security Controls Before Hackers Do Tas Giakouminakis While investments in security can reduce the likelihood of breach, sophisticated attackers will always find ... Security
The State of the IAM SaaS Market Lyle Carlson Over the past decade in-house IAM investments have often fallen short of expectations. As the ... Security
Safeguarding User Access For Cloud Computing Darran Rolls Cloud computing presents as many challenges as it addresses, particularly around security and governance. From ... Security
Identity: How Do I Know Who You Really Are? Don Adams Many changes are underway across industry, government and e-commerce that will fundamentally change the how, ...
What I *Really* Think: We Are All Gonna Die Brad Arkin "As the guy responsible for some of the most widely distributed (and therefore, widely attacked) ... Security
DNSSEC: A Game Changing Example of Multi-stakeholder Cooperation Richard Lamb "The biggest improvement to the Internet's security infrastructure began last year with the deployment of ... Security
Why Does Only 30% of the Fortune 1000 Own DLP? Why Wasnt DLP a Huge Success? Jason Clark Jason Clark has done extensive research on the DLP Business and searched to find out ... Security
Next-generation Threat Protection: Stopping Advanced Malware, Zero-day and Targeted APT Attacks Ashar Aziz Advanced malware, zero-day and targeted APT attacks aggressively evade signature-based defenses and compromise the majority ... Security
Fending Off APT and Other Attacks Wolfgang Kandek Current protection methods cant effectively block attacks, so well explore how to identify vulnerabilities on ... Security
Know Your Customers Elon Ginzburg In this age of advanced persistent threats, banks are finding that their business customers are ... Security
The Cat and Mouse of How to Hide and Track on the Internet Lance Cottrell In this session, well explore the technologies people are using to hide their identities and ... Security
How Mobile App Development Upended Your SDL And What To Do About It Alex Stamos In this talk, well discuss the new challenges of mobile applications for application security and ... Security
Mobile Security Can Be a Customer Delighter Dan Corcoran While it may go against the conventional wisdom, mobile security can be a customer delighter ... Security
Responding to Insider Threats and Employee Defections Steve Kim In this session, well discuss the security issues raised by insider threats to sensitive company ... Security
The Cyber Security School Challenge Joyce Brocaglia The Cyber Security School Challenge is a collaborative outreach program founded by the EWF and ... Security
Proposal for an Initiative Against Malicious Cyber Activity Donald Purdy This session will focus discussion and enlist support for an initiative by government and private ... Security
Hummingbird: A Rotor Machine for the 21st Century Whitfield Diffe Radio Frequency identification may not be growing fast enough to please its investors but remote ... Security
GRC Optimization Over the Next 5 Years David Deckter "GRC solutions need to evolve in order to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape. ... Security
Software Assurance in the Real World Ariel Silverstone In this session, well discuss how to put together -- and succeed in implementing -- ... Security
Payment Apps on Mobile and Tablet Devices are Cool But Can They Be Trusted? Steven Elefant The proliferation of payment apps on mobile and tablet devices, e-wallets, and cloud services means ... Security
Identity Theft and Online Fraud Protection at the IRS Hun Kim This session will highlight increasing and evolving threats of online fraud and identity theft against ... Security
Private Insecurities and Public Transparency John Collins The hype around cloud computing rages out of control as vendors rush to capitalize on ...
Moving Target Defense to Enhance Cloud Security Arun Sood Intrusions are inevitable, and frequency of zero day attacks is increasing. Once in the system, ... Security
Big Data: Big Security Risks Tim Mather Cloud computing has ushered in the era of big data. As organizations acquire more and ... Security
Understanding and Adopting Cloud Computing Bob West Corporations have several significant motivators to understand and adopt cloud computing as part of their ... Security
The Do Not Track Debate John C Mitchell In this session, well discuss online third-party tracking, the Do Not Track debate, and the ... Security
Succeeding in a Cyber World: The Natural Evolution of Cybersecurity Harry Raduege Not too long ago, information security was viewed as solitary service within an enterprise information ... Security
Mission of the Security Innovation Network Robert Rodriguez The mission of the Security Innovation Network (SINET) is to advance innovation and enable global ... Security
Projecting Security Waves John Muir By studying the formation of security companies in very specific categories, you can see waves ... Security
Counter-Insurgency in Cyberspace John Mills Although much of the cyber conflict focus has been on potential threat vectors from near ... Security
Why Not Voiceprints? Dan Miller The use of mobile phones for payments and peer-to-peer transfers is growing globally. Security is ... Security
Next Generation Security Environment for the Financial Sector Peter Fonash In this session, well use the Department of Homeland Securitys recent paper on "Enabling Distributed ... Security
Stop Admiring the Problem and Fix the Bugs Joel Scambray We know from measuring our customers practices that industry isnt improving software security through assessment. ... Security
A Pragmatic and Verifiable Security Approach Based on Attacker Behavior Dan Guido "In this talk, well introduce an intelligence-driven approach to malware defense, focusing on attacker's capabilities ... Security
The Expansion of Fraud Opportunities Beyond Banking David Hahn N/A Security