Thotcon 2012 April 26, 2012 to April 27, 2012, Chicago, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
How Microsoft Handles Security Response Childs & Barlowe N/A Security
Owning Payphones: 3650-Day Exploits Josh ( savant ) Brashars N/A Security
The Law of Internet Scanning Jim Rennie N/A Security
How we tear into that little green man Mathew Rowley N/A Security
PIMP: Parsing Information with Metasploit & PCAPS Ryan linn - N/A Security
SSL/TLS Interception Proxies & Transitive Trust Jeff Jarmoc N/A Security
Infrastructure-Mediated Single-Point Sensing... John Mcnabb N/A Security
You put what in your DNS record? Mubix N/A Security
How to Break Disassemblers Nick Harbour N/A Security
You\'re doing it wrong Jayson E. Street N/A Security
httpShell Ben Toews N/A Security
PPI-GEOLOCATION Johnny Cache N/A Security
Behind the Scenes: Pwning Satellite/Cable TV Bruno Oliveira N/A Security
Hacker Feud!!! Securitymoey N/A Security
Bypassing the Android Permission Model Georgia Weidman N/A Security
Juice Jacking 101 (Learning from Shenanigans) Robert Rowley N/A Security
and you thought Carrier IQ was bad... Kos , Vyrus N/A
How I fucked your grandma Anarchy Angel , Ngharo2 N/A