AusCERT 2012 May 15, 2012 to May 18, 2012, Gold Coast, Austrailia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote - The Enemy Mikko Hypponen N/A Security
Plenary - Security At Scale. AKA: Commode Computing: Relevant Advances In Toiletry & I.T. - From Squat Pots to Cloud Bots - Better Waste Management Through Security Automation Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff N/A Security
Australian Data Security Compromises - Size Doesn't Matter (Really!) Marc Bown N/A Security
Legal Aspects of Cyberspace Operations Robert Clark N/A Security
Effective flowgraph-based malware variant detection Silvio Cesare N/A Security
Five Facts on Application Usage on Enterprise Networks - What's on Your Network? Brian Tokuyoshi N/A Security
Cyber Deterrence, Cyber Response and Defence of the Digital Nation / Economy Bill Caelli N/A Security
It's time to wake up and smell the virtsec gravy! John Reeman N/A Security
Dealing with DDoS in the real world Martin Mckeay N/A Security
Check Point 3D Security - Latest Release Charles Riordan N/A Security
Contactless Payment Systems: Credit Cards and NFC Phones Peter Gutmann N/A Security
Privacy breaches: Whipped cream won't go back in the can Scott Mcintyre N/A Security
Navigating the perceived roadblocks to cloud data storage compliance: a legal perspective Nick Abrahams , Adrian Covich N/A
Optimising Security for Situational Awareness Sean Duca N/A Security
Moving Credit Card Data into the Cloud David Ross N/A Security
IDS: We're doing it wrong Shane Biggins N/A Security
Securing BYOD in today's World Brian Robison N/A Security using NetScaler to help scale and secure Australia's #2 website Phil Caleno , Colin Panisset N/A
Doctor, I seem to have lost my medical identity. Can you prescribe a new one? Rebecca Thompson N/A Security
Real Cryptographers are Mathematicians, Beware of Everyone Else John Leisoboer N/A Security
Do Security like a start up or get fired Ian Yip N/A Security
Finally an Endpoint solution that works! Charles Tomeo N/A Security
The Emperor's new clothes. PCEHR's system security Juanita Fernando N/A Security
Security metametrics - a practical approach Gary Hinson N/A Security
Mobility of Data Rob Forsyth N/A Security
Keynote - Stories and Lessons from DNS Changer Paul A. Vixie N/A Security
Plenary - Forensics and SCADA/DCS: A Case Study in Success Mark Fabro N/A Security
Visualizing Risk - Measure Twice, Act Once Tim Woods N/A Security
Removing the Anonymity from Anonymous Tal Be'ery N/A Security
IT Security Affecting the Mobile Phone Market ORIs Security in a BYO World an Oxymoron? Peter Major N/A Security
Battling the Empire While Stuck in Cloud City Corey Nachreiner N/A Security
Preparing for the Inevitable: Combatting Advanced Targeted Attacks with Security Intelligence and Big-Data Analytics Andrew Brandt N/A Security
Mythbusters Part II Brian Hay N/A Security
All sides of Android, Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo Tim Vidas N/A Security
Continuous Compliance John Cunningham N/A Security
Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Security Threats? John Gordineer N/A Security
Cyber-Organized Crime and the Leverage of Technology Francesca Bosco N/A Security
Help! My Mobile Device Is Spying On Me Murray Goldschmidt N/A Security
What your log files are trying to tell you, but is being ignored Mark Hofman N/A Security
SafeNet Crypto and the Cloud Andrew Younger N/A Security
Force Multipliers on the Modern Battle Space Brad Barker N/A Security
BYOD: Bring Your Own... Disaster? Andrew Bycroft N/A Security
Top 10 Database Security Threats and How to Stop Them Paul Steen N/A Security
Security Intelligence for Big Data Mark Seward N/A Security
Attacks on Authentication: States enter the threat landscape Phillip Hallam-baker N/A Security
This Technological Terror Adam Shostack N/A Security
Living in a State of Cyber Insecurity - Advanced Targeted Attacks Stuart Staniford N/A Security
Economy of Cybercrime and the so-called Advanced Persistent Threat Stas Filshtinskiy N/A Security
Keynote - The Threats of the Age of Cyber-Warfare: The Kaspersky Vision Eugene Kaspersky N/A Security
Plenary - Surveillance or Security?: The Risks Posed by New Wiretapping Technologies Susan Landau N/A Security
Harnessing Mobility and the Cloud, Securely Kieren O'Shaughnessy N/A Security
Unicorns and Air Gaps - Do They Really Exist? Eric Byres N/A Security
Crowdsourcing security: Lessons in open code and bug bounties Colin Percival N/A Security
Embracing BYOD: Are you exposing critical data? Glynn Stokes N/A Security
The imminent demise of specialised security tokens for user and transaction authentication Ross Oakley N/A Security
The Cloud Security Firewall Bruce Ong N/A Security
Hardening websites using modern browser features Paul Thierault N/A Security
The Evolution of Application Monitoring Narayan Makaram N/A Security
Leveraging the DNS to improve situational awareness and mitigate attacks Craig Sprosts N/A Security
Security in the Cloud: Visibility and control of your managed environment Pier Tagle N/A Security
Gone in a FLASH!... Really? Andrew Jamieson N/A Security
Penta Security, 3rd Generation WAF - No Signature Required. Peter Paszkiewicz , Daniel Housden N/A