BerlinSides 2012 May 25, 2012 to May 27, 2012, Berlin, Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Aluc N/A Security
x86 oddities Ange4771 N/A Security
Protecting Software Dosbart N/A Security
Turning the TabLeS Ralph ( rholz ) Holz N/A SSL ExcludeThinkstScapes PKI
Back to the roots Der Stift N/A Security
A Salesmans Guide to SE Jac0byterebel N/A Security
How not to blow up your customer Andreas N/A Security
An Analysis of the TrueType Font Windows Kernel Vuln Julia N/A Security
How to enhance geeks D3sre N/A Security
Silent web app testing by example 7a_ N/A Security
Tuning to a different key Finux N/A Security
Black Ops of TCP/IP 2011 Dan Kaminski N/A Security
The Science of Insecurity Mlp N/A Security
Layers of misunderstanding, or how digital radio is not what you think Sergey Bratus , Travis Goodspeed N/A
Code Hero: Primer Zero, a game that teaches how to make games and hack the planet Lxpk N/A Security
Workshop OWTF: My gift for the community 7a_ N/A Security
X(tra|ml|slt|query|dp|mas) pwnage Nicob N/A Security
Rootkits in your Web application Wtikay N/A ExcludeThinkstScapes Cross-Site Scripting
SCADA & PLC Vulnerabilities in Correctional Facilities Teague775 , Tifanija N/A
Apple vs. Google Client Platforms Felix ( FX ) Lindner N/A Cloud ExcludeThinkstScapes Google Apple