DEF CON 17 July 30, 2009 to Aug. 2, 2009, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Metasploit Autopsy: Recontructing The Crime Scene Steve Davis None Security
Screen Scraper Tricks: Extracting Data From Difficult Websites Michael Schrenk None Security
Q &Amp; A With Bruce Schneier Bruce Schneier Security
Cloud Security In Map/Reduce Jason Schlesinger None Security Cloud
Failure Adam Savage None Security
Protecting Against And Investigating Insider Threats (A Methodical, Multi-Pronged Approach To Protecting Your Organization) Antonio "Tony" Rucci None Security
Deblaze - A Remote Method Enumeration Tool For Flex Servers Jon Rose None Security
The Security Risks Of Web 2.0 David Rook None Security Web
Hackerspaces: The Legal Bases Nicolle ( rogueclown ) Neulist None Security Legal
0-Day, Gh0Stnet And The Inside Story Of The Adobe Jbig2 Vulnerability Matt Richard , Steven Adair None Security
Injecting Electromagnetic Pulses Into Digital Devices Paul F. Renda None Security
Automated Malware Similarity Analysis Daniel Raygoza None Security Analysis Malware
Reverse Engineering By Crayon: Game Changing Hypervisor Based Malware Analysis And Visualization Lorie M. Liebrock None Security Analysis Malware
Smashing The Stack With Hydra: The Many Heads Of Advanced Polymorphic Shellcode Pratap Prabhu , Yingbo Song , Salvatore. J. Stolfo None Security
Search And Seizure Explained - They Took My Laptop! Tyler Pitchford None Security
Malware Freak Show Jibran Ilyas None Security Malware
Advancing Video Application Attacks With Video Interception, Recording, And Replay Jason Ostrom , Arjun Sambamoorthy None Security
Hacking Sleep: How To Build Your Very Own Sleep Lab Keith Biddulph None Security
Slight Of Mind: Magic And Social Engineering Tyler Reguly None Security
Subverting The World Of Warcraft Api Christopher Mooney , James Luedke None Security
Metasploit Track H.d. Moore , Peter Silberman , Steve Davis None Security
Managed Code Rootkits - Hooking Into Runtime Environments Erez Metula None Security Rootkits
Clobbering The Cloud Nicholas Arvanitis , Haroon Meer Security Cloud
Is That You, Baby, Or Just A Bridge In The Sky? Douglas C. Merrill None Security
Def Con 101 The Dark Tangent , Dj Jackalope , Deviant Ollam None Security
Unmasking You Joshua ( Jabra ) Abraham , Robert ( Rsnake ) Hansen None Security
Wi-Fish Finder: Who Will Bite The Bait Prabhash Dhyani None Security
Preparing For Cyber War: Strategy And Force Posture In The Information-Centric World Dmitri Alperovitch , Phyllis Schneck , Ed Skoudis None Security
Pre-Con Introduction To Lock Picking Alek Amrani None Security
Your Mind: Legal Status, Rights And Securing Yourself James "Myrcurial" Arlen None Security Legal
Csrf: Yeah, It Still Works Russ Mcree None Security
Sniff Keystrokes With Lasers/Voltmeters - Side Channel Attacks Using Optical Sampling Of Mechanical Energy And Power Line Leakage Andrea Barisani , Daniele Bianco None Security
The Middler 2.0: It'S Not Just For Web Apps Anymore Jay Beale , Justin Searle None Security Web
A Low Cost Spying Quadrotor For Global Security Applications Using Hacked Commercial Digital Camera Antoine Gademer , Corentin Chéron None Security
Robot Shark Laser! What Hackerspaces Do Nick Farr , Steve Clement None Security
Design And Implementation Of A Quantum True Random Number Generator Sean Boyce None Security
Bittorrent Hacks David Aslanian None Security
Old Skool Brought Back: A 1964 Modem Demo K.c. ( phreakmonkey ) Budd None Security
Hadoop: Apache'S Open Source Implementation Of Google'S Mapreduce Framework Joey Calca , Ryan Anguiano None Security
Computer And Internet Security Law - A Year In Review 2008 - 2009 Robert Clark None Security
De Gustibus, Or Hacking Your Tastebuds Sandy Clark None Security
Death Of Anonymous Travel Sherri Davidoff None Security
Unfair Use - Speculations On The Future Of Piracy Dead Addict None Security
Aapl- Automated Analog Telephone Logging Da Beave None Security
Macsploitation With Metasploit Dino Dai Zovi None Security
Who Invented The Proximity Card? Michael L. Davis None Security
Con Kung-Fu: Defending Yourself @ Def Con Rob "Padre" Degulielmo None Security
Why Tor Is Slow, And What We'Re Doing About It Roger Dingledine None Security
Attacking Sms. It'S No Longer Your Bff Brandon Dixon None Security
Personal Survival Preparedness Steve Dunker , Kristie Dunker None Security
Advanced Mysql Exploitation Muhaimin Dzulfakar None Security Exploitation
Runtime Kernel Patching On Mac Os X Bosse Eriksson None Security
Hacking The Apple Tv And Where Your Forensic Data Lives Kevin Estis , Randy Robbins None Security
Social Zombies: Your Friends Want To Eat Your Brains Tom Eston None Security
Cracking The Poor And The Rich: Discovering The Relationship Between Physical And Network Security Damian Finol None Security
Attacking Tor At The Application Layer Gregory Fleischer None Security
Breaking The Unbreakable Oracle With Metasploit Chris Gates , Mario Ceballos None Security
Asymmetric Defense: How To Fight Off The Nsa Red Team With Five People Or Less Efstratios L. Gavas None Security
Locally Exploiting Wireless Sensors Travis Goodspeed None Security Wireless
The Projects Of Prototype This! Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand None Security
Smart Parking Meter Implementations, Globalism, And You(Aka Meter Maids Eat Their Young) Christopher Tarnovsky None Security
The Psychology Of Security Unusability Peter Gutmann None Security
Win At Reversing: Tracing And Sandboxing Through Inline Hooking Nick Harbour None Security
Identifying, Exploring, And Predicting Threats In The Russian Hacker Community Max Kilger , Dr. Debora Strumsky , Dr. Olga Smirnova None Security Community
Attacks Against 2Wire Residential Gateways Pedro "hkm" Joaquin None Security
Injectable Exploits: Two New Tools For Pwning Web Apps And Browsers Frank Dimaggio None Security Web
Stealing Profits From Stock Market Spammers Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Spam Grant Jordan None Security
Hardware Black Magic - Building Devices With Fpgas Rodney Mcgee None Security
Hack The Textbook Jon R. Kibler , Mike Cooper None Security
The Day Of The Updates Itzik Kotler , Tomer Bitton None Security
Dcflux In: The Man With The Soldering Gun Matt ( dcflux ) Krick None Security
Effective Information Security Career Planning Lee Kushner , Mike Murray None Security
Exercise In Messaging And Presence Pwnage Ava Latrope None Security
Picking Electronic Locks Using Tcp Sequence Prediction Ricky Lawshae None Security
Perspective Of The Dod Chief Security Officer Robert F. Lentz None Security
Making Fun Of Your Malware Michael Ligh , Matt Richard None Security Malware
Abusing Firefox Addons Roberto Suggi Liverani , Nick Freeman None Security
Jailbreaking And The Law Of Reversing Fred Von Lohmann None Security
Hack Like The Movie Stars: A Big-Screen Multi-Touch Network Monitor George Louthan , Cody Pollet None Security
Hacking The Wiimote And Wii Fit To Help The Disabled Josh Marks , Rob Rehrig , Larry Aiello None Security
App Assessment The Metasploit Way David Maynor None Security
Bluetooth, Smells Like Chicken Dominic Spill , Mark Steward None Security
Binary Obfuscation From The Top-Down: Obfuscating Executables Without Writing Assembly Sean "Frank^2" Taylor None Security
Metasploit Goes Web Efrain Torres None Security Web
Metaphish David Kerb None Security
Proxy Prank-O-Matic Charlie Vedaa , Anonymous Speaker None Security
Usb Attacks: Fun With Plug &Amp; 0Wn Rafael Dominguez Vega None Security
Cracking 400,000 Passwords, Or How To Explain To Your Roommate Why The Power Bill Is A Little High… Matt Weir , Professor Sudhir Aggarwal None Security
Hacking With The Ipod Touch Thomas Wilhelm None Security
Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser 2.0 Jeff Yestrumskas , Matt Flick None Security Browser
Doppelganger: The Web'S Evil Twin Edward Zaborowski None Security
Criminal Charges Are Not Pursued: Hacking Pki Mike Zusman None Security
Meet The Feds 2009 Mischel Kwon , Stephane Turgeon , Gordon Snow , Paul Sternal , Jamie Turner , Greg Garcia , Jon Idonisi , Ray Kessenich None Security
Metasploit Evolved H.d. Moore None Security
Meterpreter Advances H.d. Moore None Security
Hacking The Next Internet H.d. Moore None Security
Defcon Security Jam 2: The Fails Keep On Coming David Maynor , David Mortman , Rich Mogull , Robert ( Rsnake ) Hansen , Larry Pesce None Security
Raid Recovery: Recover Your Porn By Sight And Sound Scott Moulton None Security
Weaponizing The Web: New Attacks On User-Generated Content Nathan Hamiel , Shawn Moyer None Security
Rfid Mythbusting Chris Paget None Security
Fragging Game Servers Bruce Potter , Logan Lodge None Security
Maximum Ctf: Getting The Most Out Of Capture The Flag Psifertex None Security
Hacker Vs. Disasters Large And Small: Hacker Skills For Wilderness And Disaster Survival Michael ( theprez98 ) Schearer , Renderman Security
So You Got Arrested In Vegas... Jim Rennie None Security
That Awesome Time I Was Sued For Two Billion Dollars Jason Scott None Security
The Making Of The Second Sql Injection Worm Sumit "sid" Siddharth None Security SQL
Manipulation And Abuse Of The Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Christopher Soghoian None Security
Hacking With Gnuradio Videoman None Security
Good Vibrations: Hacking Motion Sickness On The Cheap Tottenkoph None Security
Invisible Access: Electronic Access Control, Audit Trails And High Security Marc Weber Tobias , Tobias Bluzmanis , Matt Fiddler None Security Access
Pla Information Warfare Development Timeline And Nodal Analysis Tk234 None Security Analysis Development
Hacking, Biohacking, And The Future Of Humanity Richard Thieme None Security
Hacking Ufology 102: The Implications Of Ufos For Life, The Universe, And Everything Richard Thieme None Security
Dangerous Minds: The Art Of Guerrilla Data Mining Mark Talabis None Security
I Am Walking Through A City Made Of Glass And I Have A Bag Full Of Rocks (Dispelling The Myths And Discussing The Facts Of Global Cyber-Warfare) Jayson E. Street None Security
Advanced Sql Injection Joseph Mccray None Security SQL
More Tricks For Defeating Ssl Moxie Marlinspike None Security SSL
Is Your Iphone Pwned? Auditing, Attacking And Defending Mobile Devices Anthony Lineberry , Kevin Mahaffey , John Hering None Security
Three Point Oh. Johnny Long None Security
Dc Network Session Lockheed None Security
Air Traffic Control: Insecurity And Ads-B Righter Kunkel None Security
Msf Wifi Mike Kershaw None Security
Wargamez Redux Kenshoto None Security
Something About Network Security Dan Kaminsky None Security
Catching Dns Tunnels With Ai - A Talk About Artificial Intelligence,Geometry And Malicious Network Traffic Jhind None Security DNS
Tactical Fingerprinting Using Metadata, Hidden Info And Lost Data José ( Palako ) Palazón , Chema Alonso None Security
Down The Rabbit Hole: Uncovering A Criminal Server Iftach Ian Amit None Security
Session Donation Alek Amrani None Security
Beckstrom'S Law - A Model For Valuing Networks And Security Rod Beckstrom None Security
Hijacking Web 2.0 Sites With Sslstrip—Hands-On Training Sam Bowne None Security Web
Confidence Game Theater Cough None Security
Lockpicking Forensics Datagram & Vidiot None Security Forensics
Def Con 1 - A Personal Account Dead Addict None Security
Packing And The Friendly Skies (Why Transporting Your Firearms May Be The Best Way To Safeguard Your Tech When You Fly) Deviant Ollam None Security
Sharepoint 2007 Knowledge Network Exposed Digividual None Security
Socially Owned In The Cloud Digividual None Security Cloud
Msf Telephony I)ruid None Security
30K Feet Look At Wifi Luiz "effffn" Eduardo None Security
Using Guided Missiles In Drive-Bys: Automatic Browser Fingerprinting And Exploitation With Metasploit Egypt None Security Exploitation Browser
Hello, My Name Is /Hostname/ Tiffany Rad , Dan Kaminsky , Endgrain None Security
Dradis Framework - Sharing Information Will Get You Root Etd Security
Hacking The Smart Grid Tony Flick None Security
Router Exploitation Felix ( FX ) Lindner None Security Exploitation
Introduction To Wimax Hacking Pierce , Goldy None Security
An Open Jtag Debugger Travis Goodspeed None Security
Welcome To Defcon 17 With Dark Tangent And The Making Of &Amp; Hacking The Dc17 Badge The Dark Tangent , Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand None Security
The Year In Computer Crime Cases Jennifer Granick None Security
Foe — Feeding Controversial News To Censored Countries (Without Using Proxy Servers) Sho Ho None Security
Hardware Trojans: Infiltrating The Faraday Cage Stephen 'afterburn' Janansky , Nick Waite None Security