CarolinaCon 8 May 11, 2012 to May 13, 2012, Raleigh, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Big Bang Theory: The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments (OR) Advanced SQL Injection Joe Mccray N/A Security
Spyometrics: New World of Biometric Surveillance noah Schiffman N/A Security
Identifying Cyber Warriors Farnsworth , Tom Holt N/A
Bypassing Android Permissions Georgia Weidman N/A Security
Patch to Pwned: Exploiting Firmware Patching to Compromise MFP Devices Deral Heiland N/A Security
Attacking CAPTCHAs Gursev singh Kaira N/A Security
Hacking as an Act of War G. Mark Hardy N/A Security
Project Byzantium: Improvisable Ad-Hoc Wireless Mesh Networking for Disaster Zones The Doctor N/A Security
Hacking your Mind and Emotions Branson Matheson N/A Security
Intro to Hacking Bluetooth Ronin N/A Security
Malware Retooled Big-o N/A Security
Inside Jobs: Stealing Sensitive Data and Intellectual Property Vic Vandal , Emwav N/A
It's 2012 and My Network Got Hacked Omar Santos N/A Security
DevHack: Pre-Product Exploitation Snide N/A Security
Raspberry Pi's Impact on Hacking Dj Palombo N/A Security
Declarative Web Security: DEP for the Web Steve Pinkham N/A Security