New York CISO Executive Summit 2012 May 23, 2012 to May 23, 2012, New York, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Enterprise Security Strategy: Balancing Whats Best Alan Levine CISOs face crucial challenges in answering business demands for the latest and greatest. For Alan ... Security
Advanced Security Tom Corn The security industry has demonstrated time and time again an enduring resiliency and ability to ... Security
The Five As of Identity Access at McGraw-Hill Dennis Brixius Fundamentally, how do you do security without an identity program? How can you have security ... Security
Vendor Security Risk Management John Mccaffrey While access to your network, applications and equipment by vendors is inevitable, monitoring of that ... Security
Focusing Control Resources in an Unfocused Landscape Thomas Doughty The threat landscape continues to get more diverse while being judicious with our control investments ... Security
Social Media: Little Known Emerging Threat Jt Jacoby Social media has become a positive influence in many of our lives: online customer service, ... Security
An Interactive Discussion: Securing an Enterprise Mobility Strategy Derek Benz , Vijay Viswanathan The domain of mobile technology is incessantly changing and CISOs are challenged with the task ...
Can We Beat Them Again Gene Hodges In 2004, after half a decade of struggle, IT security started to demonstrate the consistent ... Security
Application Security: A Holistic Approach Andrew Conte , Dave Ritenour , Thien La , Jerry Kowalski The technology landscape is always shifting and those in charge of application security are constantly ...
Six Steps to a Secure Risk Management Framework Ph.d. , Ron Ross Cyber attacks on information systems today are often aggressive, disciplined, well-organized, and in a growing ...
Balancing Productivity and Protection Wade Williamson , Paul de Graaff You are invited to join CISO discussion leaders and moderator Wade Williamson in this interactive, ...