Central Ohio InfoSec Summit 2012 May 17, 2012 to May 18, 2012, Columbus, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Fraud Detection on the Fly and on a Budget Aaron Bedra Running a major application on the internet that deals in redeemable vouchers is full of ... Security
Nation State Conflict in the 21st Century William Hagestad Nation State conflict in the 21st Century has evolved and morphed from being purely kinetic ... Security
Detection in Depth :: Changing the PDR Focus Brent Huston This talk will cover the need for multiple layers of detection in the organization, provide ... Security
Hacking Carbon: Lessons Learned from an ISO/IEC 27001 Implementation Bill Lisse "OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., is a global not-for-profit organization with 23 international offices ... Security
Microsoft-Lvl 300 - Architectural patterns for the cloud Brian Prince "Enough mushy, baby talk about the cloud. Let's roll up our sleeves and talk about ... Security
The Pitfalls of Cloud Security Clarke Cummings Many organizations today are beginning to adopt at least some services out of the cloud. ... Security
(APTs), a balanced approach for survivability and sustainability in the Cyber Realm Curtis ks Levinson Advanced Persistent Threat (APT): APTs are attacks on US information technology and telecommunications infrastructure by ... Security
Pragmatic Cloud Security David Mortman "Last year I talked about the myths and realities of cloud computing security. This year, ... Security
legal issues relating to Mobile Computing, BYOD, and Social Media. Dino Tsibouris , Mehmet Munur Dino and Mehmet will focus on the legal risks associated with these technologies and trends ...
Information Security Management 101: The Fundamentals Jerod Brennen Information security professionals interact with every facet of the business, and the information security manager ... Security
Vendor Risk: Do You Feel Lucky? Well, DO You? Lisa Peterson How secure is your data? That depends in part on the vendors with whom you ... Security
"The risk landscape is shifting. The industry is facing a convergence of three realities that create the perfect storm for information risk management 1) Attackers and Their Motivations are Changin Patrice Bordron N/A Security
Mo data? Mo problems! Mick Douglas "** Note this talk will require the use of a Microsoft Kinect (I will provide) ... Security
The Anatomy of A Hacktivist Attack Rob Rachwald In 2011, Imperva managed to witness an assault by a hacktivist group, including the use ... Security
Spear Phishing: The truth behind Night Dragon, Aurora, and APT Rohyt Belani This presentation will discuss the evolution of phishing from being a means of stealing user ... Security
The Cloud Steve Ocepek "The Cloud is here to stay, but like any new technology it has its own ... Security
The Android vs. Apple iOS Security Showdown Tom Eston Android and Apple mobile devices have taken the market by storm. Not only are they ... Security