ITWeb Security Summit 2012 May 15, 2012 to May 17, 2012, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security Summit Charl van der Walt N/A Security
A State of Dynamic Risk: Containment and Victory in a World of Advanced Threats Eddie Schwartz N/A Security
The demise of SSL & Internet Trust Moxie Marlinspike N/A Security
Information Security: The things we don't say Haroon Meer N/A Security
Cybercriminals and social engineering: understanding and overcoming these attack Raj Samani N/A Security
Strong Security in a vulnerable world Gabi Reish N/A Security
Cyber War - Beyond Theory Kenneth Geers N/A Security
Banned in the USA Charlie Miller N/A Security
Where to from here? A look at the world as it is, and an exploration of what is working and what isn't Joshua Corman N/A Security
Zero Day is Every Day Charles Renert N/A Security
An overview of the South African governments cyber security policy and strategy Stella tembisa Ndabeni N/A Security
HTML5 Unbound: A Security & Privacy Drama Michael Shema N/A Security
Why Business Should Care? Pieter Blaauw N/A Security
An analysis of the recent 2012 Security Survey (conducted by ITWeb in partnership with RSA,the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report and WolfPack reports, applied to a South African context Craig Rosewarne , Dr khomotso Kganyago N/A
Making the case for the professionalisation of the technical Information Assurance industry and the need for international standards in this important area Ian Glover N/A Security
Incident Case Analysis - where they went wrong. Steve Armstrong N/A Security
What's the deal with Mobile and Africa Charl van der Walt N/A Security
Mobile Security - Breaking out of the box Christiaan Brand N/A Security
At the tone of the beep, leave your spyware Bennie Labuschagne N/A Security
Pilfering information from the masses Tyrone Erasmus N/A Security
Cyber-Attacks on SAP & ERP systems: Is Our Business-Critical Infrastructure Exposed? Juan Etchegoyen N/A Security
SAP (in)security: Scrubbing SAP clean with SOAP Chris john Riley N/A Security
Systems Applications Proxy Pwnage Ian De Villiers N/A Security
Securing SAP Marinus van Aswegen N/A Security
Security considerations for mobile, using Mxit Gust (Geo-fenced mobile payment system) as a case study Joe Botha , Theo Van Niekerk N/A
Advanced Electronic Signatures in South African business Maeson Maherry N/A Security
Something Phishy - Old Mutuals comical approach to understanding digital identity threats and how users should protect themselves Robb Anderson , Anna Collard N/A
A view from the continent: Kenya a case study from the Co-operative Bank of Kenya Michael Mbuthia N/A Security
Evolution of corporate cybercrime and the nature and scale of the threats it poses Mark Eardley N/A Security
National Cyber Security in South Africa: Who is watching over SA's cyber security? Basie von Solms N/A Security
Ghost in the Shell Revisited Kenneth Geers N/A Security
A presentation on Anonymous Joshua Corman N/A Security