Mobile Security Technologies 2012 May 24, 2012 to May 24, 2012, San Francisco, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Spies in our pockets? Lessons from the Carrier IQ scandal about privacy and transparency on contemporary cellular networks Peter Eckersley "Carrier IQ is a data collection platform that wireless carriers and mobile handset manufactuers use ... Security
Security, Privacy and Usability Requirements for Federated Identity Michael Hackett , Kirstie Hawkey N/A
Can Mobile learn from the Web? Kapil Singh N/A Security
Cruel Intentions: A Security Analysis of Web Intents Collin Jackson , Jenna Kallaher , Amal Krishnan , Paul Makowski , Eric yawei Chen N/A
The Case for Replacing Passwords with Biometrics Markus Jakobsson , Sebastien Taveau N/A
Investigating User Privacy in Android Ad Libraries Hao Chen , Ryan Stevens , Clint Gibler , Jonathan Crussell , Jeremy Erickson N/A
ScanDal: Static Analyzer for Detecting Privacy Leaks in Android Applications Jinyung Kim , Yongho Yoon , Kwangkeun Yi N/A
Revealing Privacy-Impacting Behavior Patterns of Smartphone Applications Gkhan Bal N/A Security
User-Centric Dependence Analysis For Identifying Malicious Mobile Apps Danfeng Yao , Karim o. Elish , Barbara g. Ryder N/A
I-ARM-Droid: A Rewriting Framework for In-App Reference Monitors for Android Applications Hao Chen , Benjamin Davis , Ben Sanders , Armen Khodaverdian N/A
Mobile Device Security: The case for side channel resistance Gary Kenworthy , Pankaj Rohatgi N/A
Meteor: Distributed Security for Platforms with Multiple App Markets Paul Oorschot , David Barrera , William Enck N/A
Product Labels for Mobile Application Markets Devdatta Akhawe , Matthew Finifter N/A
A Security Hygienic Smart Charger for Mobile Devices Dave Weinstein N/A Security