Secure360 2012 May 8, 2012 to May 9, 2012, Saint Paul, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Update Your Software or Die Wolfgang Kandek N/A Security
Security Beyond the Operating System Dan Larson N/A Security
The Genies Out of the Bottle:BYOD Policies That Work Jeff Schmidt N/A Security
From American Frontlines to Assemblylines: US Innovation Andrew Borene N/A Security
Authenticating Mobile Devices to the Cloud Patrick Harding N/A Security
Mitigating Risk in the Era of APTS & Mobile Computing Joe Rogalski N/A
Job: Security Lessons from the Front Line Robert Edinger N/A Security
Exercising Response Plans Lillian Mcdonald , Barret Lane N/A
Lean Security: A Practical Approach to Security Projects Josh Moore N/A Security
New School Risk Management Alex Hutton , Jay Jacobs N/A
Secure Cloud-Based Identities and Transactions Ron Stamboly N/A
Make the Leaderboard Chris Rowland , Eng-wee Yeo N/A
Downfall of BC Professional: Setting Up Personal Plan Frank Perlmutter N/A Security
Behavioral Security Modeling John Benninghoff , Karl Brophey N/A
Benchmark Analysis: State of Vulnerability Management Tim Erlin N/A Security
Securing Data & Best Practices for Secure Mobility Scott Ashdown , Imation N/A
Future-proof Your Network Against Cyberthreats Jason Wright N/A Security
2012 Data Breach Investigations Report Jay Jacobs N/A Security
What to do When Management Wont Complete BIA? Fred Klapetzky N/A Security
Myths, Mistakes, and Outright Lies (re IT Security) Kellman Meghu N/A Security
Terrible Things in Network Security Hd Moore N/A Security
Are We There Yet?Info Security Grows Up Chris Veltos N/A Security
Millenials at Work: New Risks or Strong Assets? Rodney Williams N/A Security
There is no Bigger Data than Your Big Security Data Marc Maiffret N/A Security
Securing Your Physical, Virtual, Cloud Infrastructure Matt Hubbard N/A Security
Why Mobile Device Mgmt Needs Mobile Security Stacey Garcia N/A Security
New Relevant Examinations to Former SAS 70 Audits Jeffrey Locketz N/A Security
Stopping Next Generation Threat Protection Dan Waters N/A Security
Enough on Mobile Problems,What About Solutions? Yan Kravchenko N/A Security
Centralizing Identity, Policy & Privelege to Strengthen Sec Louise Popyk N/A Security
Scenario Analysis: Moving Beyond Penetration Testing Matt Hynes , Steve Currie N/A
Holistic and Flexible Risk Management Kevin Thompson N/A Security
Winning Presence forMake-or-Break Moments Dean Hyers , Pete Machalek N/A
Securing the Virtual Datacenter Kevin Flanagan N/A Security
Update on HITRUST Are We There Yet? Yan Kravchenko N/A Security
Developing a Global Business Continuity Strategy Lenny Sharp , Matt Blanco N/A
Wheres the Beef: Education an Organization on Risk Aaron Wampach N/A Security
Data Mining a Mountain of Zero Day Vulnerability Chris Wysopal N/A Security
Is Cloud Identity Management Right for you? Arun Kothanath , Brian Baird N/A
New Federal Business Continuity Guidelines Erik Pakieser N/A Security
Rapid-Start, In-House CodeScanning for PCI Compliance Mary Poquette N/A Security
Principles of Patrolling for Information Security Patrick Tatro N/A Security
Keynote Address: The Failure of Risk Management Douglas Hubbard N/A Security
Solving Data Breach Points of Egress Chris Andrews N/A Security
Risk Management - Beyond Smoke & Mirrors Evan Wheeler N/A Security
Software SecurityGoes Mobile Jacob West N/A Security
The Ethics of Engagement and Trust Chad Weinstein N/A Security
See What, Say it to Whom Lizabeth Lehrkamp N/A Security
Cloud Computing in Healthcare Rebecca Herold N/A Security
Grafting PCI into Healthcare Compliance Chris Secrest N/A Security
Darts, Dice and Monte Carlo Miles Edmundston N/A Security
Free & Open Source Software in the Enterprise Lynn Estes N/A Security
Fearing the Auditor More than the Hacker Al Kirkpatrick , David Flora N/A
Physical Security onthe Front Lines Deviant Ollam N/A Security
Assessing Your Mobile Applications Stephen Kerns N/A Security
Build Successful Vulnerability Management Program Michael Kelly N/A Security
Digital Identities Chris Buse N/A Security
Imposters, Insiders, Intruders: Threat from Within Jarret Brachman N/A Security
PCI Myths andMistakes Brian Serra N/A Security
Practical Measures for Measuring Security Chris Mullins N/A Security
Examining the Chinese Cyber Warfare Threat William Hagestad N/A Security
Process Not Outcomes Gunnar Peterson N/A Security
Discussing Security with Non-Security Mgmt Tom Cocciarella N/A Security
Keynote Address: Mobile & Social: A Transformation Jon Gordon N/A Security
Security: Dont Forget the People! Ron Woerner N/A Security
Seeing Through the Clouds:Tactics to Deal with Limited Cloud Visibility Mike Bothman N/A Security
IT Sourcing & Procure-ment Cradle to Grave Deb Mogensen N/A Security
The TL.DR Guide to Cloud Computing Kevin Riggins N/A Security
Reverse Engineer the Flag: Hacking in Class Aaron Wampach N/A Security
Order from Chaos: Building a Crisis Management Program Bryan Strawser N/A Security
Cyber Crime: They Will Not Stop for Lunch Robert Cameron N/A Security
Security Issues with an International Perspective Al Kirkpatrick , David Flora N/A
500 Days in the Cloud Ryan English N/A Security
Back to Basics: Pramatic Risk Mgmt for the 99% Ben Tomhave N/A Security
People Online: Security, Privacy and Reputation Meghan Wilker , Nancy Lyons N/A
Mindset & Toolkits: Thinking Positively About Security Michael Brady N/A Security
The Internals of Identity-theft Attacks Timothy Armstrong N/A Security
10 Informational Security Principles to Live/Die By Evan Francen N/A Security
#*%! my CISO Says Barry Caplin N/A Security
Unbelievable, Now I Have to Secure the Application? Robert Sullivan N/A Security
Cloud Security David Mortman N/A Security
Enterprise Vulnerability Management: Trends/Guidance Ryan Wakeham , Seth Peter N/A