Security Development Conference 2012 May 15, 2012 to May 16, 2012, Washington DC, USA

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KEYNOTE: Confronting Cyber Risk in Critical Infrastructure: The National and Economic Benefits of Security Development Processes Richard A. Clarke In recent decades critical infrastructure has become dependent on complex software applications to perform vital ... Security
Writing Secure Code: 2012 & Beyond Kris Britton "Security consideration in application development burst onto the scene approximately ten years ago. The definition ... Security
Where to Start: Building a Mature SDL Progarm from Scratch Ido Dubrawsky One of the biggest challenges for any organization that wants to begin implementing SDL activities ... Security
SDL in an Agile World Vishal Asthana "Most development organizations are moving to either a full Agile development process or a hybrid ... Security
SDL and the CWE/SANS Top 25 Michael Howard Many organizations pursue security development practices that mitigate vulnerabilities identified on a "most common" or ... Security
Growing A Security Training Program Brad Arkin Security training is the backbone of any SDL program and often a critical piece to ... Security
Security Metrics, Risk, and Compliance Caroline Wong "This session will discuss the value of risk and compliance frameworks and best practices in ... Security
Along the Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle Journey Greg Akers Across the industry, companies are striving to assure the security and resiliency of their products. ... Security
Fuzz Testing Tutorials Michael Eddington , Mikko Varpiola Fuzz testing has rapidly developed into one of the most effective and high return on ...
Panel: Building & Maturing An Effective Security Response Team Mike Reavey , Josh Bressers , David Lenoe , Adrian Stone When your organization experiences a security incident, are you prepared? How do you build a ...
Panel: Leveraging Threat Modeling To Reduce Security Debt Sahba Kazerooni , Shawn Hernan , Chris Romeo , Izar Tarandach The value of introducing security at the design stage of any development process has been ...
Securing Your Database & Protecting User Data Shawn Hernan Failure to properly protect sensitive data can be difficult to recognize during application development. The ... Security
Panel: SDL & Regulatory Compliance Ron Ross , Dawn Beyer , Chas Jeffries , Christie Grabyan Whether your company is an online ecommerce site, sells boxed software product, sells hardware, or ...
Panel: Measuring ROI for SDL Practices Vinnie Liu , Patrick Arnold , John Kerber , Chenxi Wang Security development lifecycles are necessary to improve the security of your applications and protect your ...
KEYNOTE: The Persistent Threat: Understanding the Cyber Security Challenge We Face Today Michael v. Hayden Todays persistent cyber threat represents one of the most novel and seriously disruptive dangers to ... Security
KEYNOTE: Security Development, a Foundation for Trust Scott Charney Why has secure development been a core focus from the very first days of Trustworthy ... Security
HTML5 and JavaScript Security Marcus Hodges HTML5 and JavaScript represent the future of web development. As these languages increase in popularity, ... Security
Arming Your SDL: Finding the Best Security Tools Caleb Barlow "Security by design - where do you start? What tools do you use at different ... Security
Adapting the SDL to Mobile Security Geoffery Hill It is estimated that spending in mobile will drive 45% of IT growth in 2012. ... Security
Hey You, Get Off Of My Cloud: Denial of Service in the *aaS Era Bryan Sullivan "Why care about denial-of-service attacks when there are so many privilege elevation and information disclosure ... Security
Government Security Policies and Secure Code Steve Lipner , Curt Dukes , Adam Golodner , Audrey Plonk Governments, technology producers, and technology users around the world are not only working to improve ...
Secure Development vs. Persistent Threats Dawn Beyer Persistent threats are one of the new realities in corporate security, but similar to security ... Security
The Evolution of Adobe's Secure Product Lifecycle Brad Arkin "The public discussion around Adobe's security efforts to date have been focused on the most ... Security
Panel: Securing Cloud Applications Bill Corrington , John Walton , Jp Morgenthal , Robert Fly More and more IT professionals are embracing the cloud while simultaneously wringing their hands over ...
Panel: Applying SDL to Critical Infrastructure Systems John Kerber , Curt Barker , Doug Cavit , Paul Forney Organizations involved in critical infrastructure face important challenges in securing their cyber systems. This panel ...