You Sh0t The Sheriff Security Conference 2012 May 7, 2012 to May 7, 2012, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Chris Nickerson N/A Security
So, the red team was here and tore us a new one. NOW WHAT? Iftach Ian Amit N/A Security
Android Forensics: The Hard Work Luiz Vieira N/A Security
Gone in 60 Seconds Mr. Popcorn , Crackerjack N/A
WebApp Footprinting - Enumerating Applications and Versions of WebSites Domingo Montanaro N/A Security
De Mysteriis Dom JOBSIVS Loukas K N/A Security
Testing is not enough, you need to do it right Wagner Elias N/A Security
Thief Detector with Laser Antonio Costa N/A Security
Anti-Babel Tower Project Log Luiz Zanardo N/A Security
(D) DoS network Ipe - Containing type attacks "all your gig links belong to us" in the Brazilian academic backbone Frederico Costa N/A Security
In a Gadda's life, the rain remix version Josh ( savant ) Brashars N/A Security
PenTester Hey! YOU'RE FIRED! Eduardo Godinho N/A Security