Security B-Sides Detroit 2012 June 1, 2012 to June 2, 2012, Detroit, USA

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Dear CEO, Evolve or Die - A primer to Information Assurance Jeff Bleich We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Information is the key ... Security
IPv6, the World, and You Bill Cerveny This presentation will talk about a really high-level overview of IPv6 in general- IPv6 deployment ... Security
Seriously? You Expect Me to Believe Cyber-Spies Want my Data? Tim Crothers "Discussing Advanced Persistent Threats and Advanced Targeted Threats seems to be all the rage lately. ... Security
Memory Analysis During Incident Response Brett Cunningham During the incident response process, memory can be one of the sexiest places to look ... Security
Overview of Python - Flying Made Simple Without the NyQuil Hangover Keith Dixon This is to give a beginners view on Python using a more intriguing approach beyond ... Security
The First Step in Incident Response: Prepare. James C. Foster "Incident response starts well before the Bad Thing actually happens. This talk aims to give ... Security
The Moscow Rules for InfoSec Professionals: Achieve Dtente to Secure the Enterprise Jen Fox Ever worked at a company with poor relations between IT and business? Ever been on ... Security
How to Create Social Illusions: A Social Engineering Case Study Steven f. Fox This presentation will describe a psychological framework that informs a social engineers reconnaissance, pretext formulation, ... Security
Naked Boulder Rolling J wolfgang Goerlich Every day we roll the boulder up hill. Every morning we find the boulder back ... Security
Behind the Brimstone Curtain: What Life is Like as a Security Vendor Eric Irvin "In this talk, I will explain what life is really like in the security marketplace. ... Security
Career 101: How to Unlock Achievements and Level Up Leonard Isham "This isn't magic or some scientific formula that you can purchase. It isn't even an ... Security
Intro to Linux System Hardening and Applying it to Your Pentest System Chris Jenks This introductory level talk is designed for people that know a little bit about Linux ... Security
Reversing Patches for Exploit Creation, Pen-Testing or Just Fun! Bharat Jogi How many times have you wondered what really gets fixed in the security patches released ... Security
Changing an Industry David Kennedy The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) was just released in its first draft form at ... Security
Cyberwar: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fight the F.U.D Mark Lenigan Richard A. Clarke bills himself as an expert on "cyberwar" (his prefer- red term for ... Security
House of Cards - How Not to Collapse When Bad Things Happen Rafal Los "An unfortunate number of enterprises build their foundations on a false sense of security. They've ... Security
Top Ten Web Defenses Jim Manico We cannot hack or firewall our way secure. Application programmers need to learn to code ... IncludeThinkstScapes Defence OWASP
Jacking the Juke Mark Manning You\'re sitting in a bar with your friends having an interesting discussion about an abstract ... Security
Avoiding The Social Engineering Hangover Elizabeth Martin What\'s this? Another presentation on social engineering? Another "you\'re doing it wrong"? Well, this one ... Security
How NOT To Do Security: Lessons Learned From the Galactic Empire Kellman Meghu "An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the Galactic Empire security policy. This presentation ... Security
War-Dining and Stroll-Trolling with a Robot John Moore The pervasiveness of mobile devices like smart phones are often overlooked as a valid and ... Security
Can HTTP Strict Transport Security Meaningfully Help Secure The Web? Nicolle ( rogueclown ) Neulist Although not widely implemented on websites yet, HTTP Strict Transport Security is a standards-track web ... ExcludeThinkstScapes HTTP Strict Transport Security
Attacking Apache Reverse Proxy Prutha Parikh This talk will discuss the Apache Reverse Proxy vulnerability (CVE-2011-4317) that I discovered while developing ... Security
Introducing Android Security Evaluation Framework Parth Patel "Have you ever looked at your Andriod application and wondered if they are watching you ... Security
Your Hacker Class is Bulls**t Christopher Payne Teaching the future Information Security Professional is a challenging and frustrating task. As Information Security ... Security
How to Market the Morally Broken and Sociologically Depraved: A Guide to Selling Your Local Hacker Conference to the Public Jaime Payne So you decided to start up a hacker conference in your town? Awesome! Now how ... Security
SCADA Security: Why is it So Hard? Amol Sarwate This talk will present technical security challenges faced by organizations that have SCADA, critical infrastructure ... Security
Tweaking to Get Away from SlowDOS Sergey Shekyan "While developers and administrators are focused on maintaining scalable and complex interactive systems, another aspect ... Security
Vulnerability Management: Moving Away From the Compliance Checkbox towards Continuous Discovery. Derek Thomas The vulnerability scan has become a staple in the modern security program. A single scan ... Security
Infosec Flameout: What to Do When You Cant Stand It Any Longer? Leonard Isham , Scott Thomas Burnout has many causes and is experienced by people at different stages of their career. ...
Vehicle Hacking Mike Westra This talk will be discussing several papers on vehicle hacking and some high-level security principals ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Vehicle