Minneapolis CISO Executive Summit 2012 June 7, 2012 to June 7, 2012, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Harnessing Security Data in the Boardroom Larry Ponemon , Phil Dunkelberger Security metrics are often valuable in bridging the communication gap between IT security and the ...
Advanced Security - Incident Response Planning Brian Fitzgerald Never before have we seen such high-profile, targeted cyber-attacks than in the past year. The ... Security
Transparency - An Approach to Business Engagement Steve Jensen Like a chains weakest link, an organizations information security program is not something that can ... Security
Stepping Out From the Back Room to the Boardroom Gary Eppinger With the hyperbolic growth curve that technology is on, the demands of information security leaders ... Security
Data Protection and Insider Threat Prevention at the FBI Patrick Reidy With each highly-publicized, high-profile data breach, the demand for greater enterprise network security grows. Adding ... Security
Balancing Productivity and Protection Wade Williamson , Michael l. Kearn , Kathy Orner You are invited to join CISO discussion leaders Michael L. Kearn and Kathy Orner and ...
Defending Against The Weaponization of Mobility Winn Schwartau With more than 1 billion mobile endpoints currently in service and an estimated 20 billion ... Security
How Advanced Persistent Threats Checkmate the Global Threat Landscape Brent Conran Those responsible for APT target intellectual property across government and industry literally every minute. The ... Security
Leveraging IAM to Protect and Provide in Minnesota Chris Buse As technology becomes more essential for citizens and state employees, demand is growing for easier, ... Security
Lost in Translation - What's Wrong With Risk Management Miles Edmundson How do you define high risk? At what point does this high risk change to ... Security