Ohio CISO Executive Summit 2012 June 12, 2012 to June 12, 2012, Cincinnati, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Information Security Warrior Roy Mellinger It has been said that we operate in five domains air, land, sea, outer space ... Security
Advanced Security Doug Graham The security industry has demonstrated an enduring resiliency and ability to innovate that has made ... Security
Humanas Intentional, Strategic Approach to Securely Embracing Mobility Chuck Deaton It is now clear that mobile technologies are not only here to stay, they are ... Security
Insights Into Tomorrow's Information Security Leaders Kevin Mclaughlin A CISOs work is never done, it would seem. As if securely managing the growing ... Security
Taking on Global Data Privacy One Step at a Time Jackie Johnson , Brian Minick , Marc Varner How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This cross-industry panel will ...
Best Practices for Effective Data Breach Incident Response Craig Hoffman The bad guys are already inside your network if they want to be. Given todays ... Security
Cyber Warfare and Your Business Israel Martinez The National Cyber Security Council is a joint association comprised of federal and private sector ... Security
Critical Relationships to Future CISO Success Jon Moore , Greg Press , Julie Talbot-hubbard , Steve Collignon The CIO/CISO relationship will forever be critical to a CISOs success, but with the evolving ...
Tiered Security - How GE is Focusing on the Data Lori Anello How do you exponentially raise the bar for security without also exponentially impacting business processes ... Security
Balancing Productivity and Protection Mathews Thomas , Mike Wade , Marc Benoit You are invited to join discussion leaders Mathews Thomas and Mike Wade and moderator Marc ...