Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2012 June 11, 2012 to June 14, 2012, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
FedRAMP Focus: Government Strategies for Secure Use of Cloud John Pescatore N/A Security
T2. Best Practices for Owning Your Airwaves to Provide Security, Maximize Performance and Mitigate Interference Tim Zimmerman N/A Security
T3. Top Security Trends and Take-Aways for 2012 and 2013 Ray Wagner N/A Security
T4. IAM RFP: Choosing the Best Solutions for Your Business Earl Perkins N/A Security
T5. BCM Maturity: Where We Are, Where We Should Be Going John p. Morency , Roberta j. Witty N/A
K1a. Welcome and Opening Remarks Vic Wheatman N/A Security
K1b. Opening Keynote Strategy Into Actions: Security and Risk That Work Andrew Walls N/A Security
A1. Security and Risk Management as a Social Science Tom Scholtz N/A Security
B1. The Security State of the Cloud Jay Heiser N/A Security
C1. Road Map: The Next Generation of Firewalls and IPS Greg Young N/A Security
D1. Protecting Your Network in the Era of BYOD Lawrence Orans N/A Security
E1. Higher, Faster, Stronger: The Performant IAM Program Ant Allan N/A Security
F1. How Real-World Disasters Are Improving Business Resilience: Lessons Learned Since 9/11 John p. Morency , Roberta j. Witty N/A
G1. Road Map: Privacy, Marketing and Behavior Tracking A Risky Mandate Andrew Frank N/A Security
H1. Lawyers, Users and IT Security: Ten Ways to Work Together to Reduce Risk and Improve Governance Debra Logan , Jeffrey Wheatman N/A
J1. Security Markets Worldwide 2012 Eric Ahlm , Ruggero Contu N/A
K2. Mastermind Interview With Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Earl Perkins , Neil Macdonald N/A
A2. Security Program Management Overview F. christian Byrnes N/A Security
B2. Road Map: Operationalizing Data and Application Defenses Against Hackers and Employees Joseph Feiman N/A Security
C2. Big Data and Security: Integrating Security and Operations Data for Improved IT Intelligence Neil Macdonald N/A Security
D2. Taking Privacy to the Next Level With a Privacy Program Carsten Casper N/A Security
E2. Road Map: IAM Operations The IAM Data Model Earl Perkins N/A Security
F2. Case Study: Intels Response to the Fukushima Earthquake/Tsunami Roberta j. Witty , Jeff Selvala N/A
G2. The Missing Link: How Ignoring Business Processes Can Be Fatal for ERM John a. Wheeler N/A Security
H2. The Corporate Ethics Game Show: Lets Make a Deal or Jeopardy!? Joseph e. Schmitz , John Bace , French Caldwell N/A
J2. IT Security Survey: 2011-2012 Study Results and Trends Analysis Ruggero Contu , Lawrence Pingree N/A
A3. When Risk Management Does More Harm Than Good: RM 101 Jay Heiser N/A Security
B3. The Endpoint Protection Platform in the Age of Tablets and Clouds Peter Firstbrook N/A Security
C3. Monitoring Users for Security Intelligence: Threats and Opportunities Andrew Walls N/A Security
D3. Road Map: Operationalizing Encryption Eric Ouellet N/A Security
E3. IAM Best Practices for Planning, Implementing and Managing IAM Within Your Enterprise Perry Carpenter N/A Security
F3. Case Study: Teleworking Through a Disaster Roberta j. Witty , John Girard N/A
G3. General Session Untangling the Multimillion-Dollar Madoff Ponzi Scheme David j. Sheehan , Partner , Baker Hostetler , Lew Schwartz N/A
J3. Technical Insights: The Art of Saying Yes Selling Application Security to Architects and Developers Ramon Krikken N/A Security
A4. Metrics That Matter Jeffrey Wheatman N/A Security
B4. Case Study: Building a Physical/Cyber Structural Awareness Platform Jeff Vining N/A Security
C4. Mobile Security Risks in Depth: How Safe Is the Data on Your Smartphone and Tablet? Lawrence Pingree , John Girard N/A
D4. Technical Insights: Operationalizing PCI DSS Compliance Anton Chuvakin N/A Security
E4. Layered Fraud Prevention for Land-Based and Mobile Computing Avivah Litan N/A Security
F4. Case Study: Demographics An Unknown BCM Risk Steve Hannah N/A
G4. Seven Keys to Successful and Cost-Effective Risk Oversight John a. Wheeler N/A Security
H4. Lawyers, Users and IT: The Intersection of Law and Technology in 2012 Part 1. View From the Bench Debra Logan , Lew Schwartz , Judges Panel N/A
J4. SWOT Analysis: IBM and HP Application and Data Security Joseph Feiman N/A Security
B5. Road Map: Secure Email Communications With Partners and Customers Peter Firstbrook N/A Security
C5. Case Study: DoDs Approach to Security Testing Ray Letteer N/A
D5. Technical Insights: Improving Collective Defenses Through Information-Sharing and Threat Intelligence Dan Blum N/A Security
E5. Why Your Security Awareness Program Is Doomed (and What You Can Do to Rescue It) Andrew Walls , Perry Carpenter N/A
F5. Crisis/Incident Management Overview Roberta j. Witty , Leif Eriksen N/A
G5. Global Supply Chain Risk: Perception and Management Hiranya Fernando N/A Security
H5. Lawyers, Users and IT: The Intersection of Law and Technology in 2012 Part 2. View From the Practitioners Debra Logan , Lew Schwartz N/A
J5. Security Investors Perspectives Panel Vic Wheatman , Alberto Yepez , Walter Pritchard , John Rizzuto N/A
A6a. Net IT Out: Articulating the Business Value of Information Security Tom Scholtz N/A Security
B6a. Net IT Out: Breaking Down the Walls While Sharing Data Securely Jay Heiser N/A Security
C6a. Net IT Out: Technical Insights Securing Browser-Based Applications Mario de Boer N/A Security
D6a. Net IT Out: Emerging Technologies for Privacy Protection and Privacy Management Carsten Casper N/A Security
E6a. Net IT Out: One-Time-Password Hardware Tokens Going, Going Not Quite Gone Ant Allan N/A Security
F6a. (4:30 p.m.) and F6b. (4:55 p.m.) Net IT Out: Business Continuity Management Planning Markets and Magic Quadrants John p. Morency , Roberta j. Witty , John Girard , Leif Eriksen N/A
G6a. Net IT Out: The Realities of Cyberinsurance John a. Wheeler N/A Security
H6a. Net IT Out: Compliance Controls When Are Yours Too Old? Khushbu Pratap N/A Security
J6. Security Market Gartner Magic Quadrant Overview Greg Young N/A Security
6b. Net IT Out: Developing the Key Competencies of the New Security Team Tom Scholtz N/A Security
B6b. Net IT Out: The DLP Process Is More Than Just a Piece of Technology Rob Mcmillan N/A Security
C6b. Net IT Out: Road Map Gaining Control of Consumerization Lawrence Orans N/A Security
D6b. Net IT Out: Job Security in Cloud Era Will Jobs Stay or Vaporize? Joseph Feiman N/A Security
E6b. Net IT Out: The Undeath of PKI Eric Ouellet N/A Security
G6b. Net IT Out: Selecting IT Risk Assessment Methods and Tools A Use Case Approach Paul E. Proctor N/A Security
H6b. Net IT Out: SAS 70 Is Gone So What Are the Alternatives? French Caldwell N/A Security
K3. Guest Keynote Cybersecurity: A View From the White House Howard Schmidt N/A
A7. How to Run, Grow and Transform Your Risk and Security Program Paul E. Proctor N/A Security
B7. SIEM for Hybrid Technology and Services Deployments Kelly m. Kavanagh , Mark Nicolett N/A
C7. Technical Insights: Mobility and Security Gartner Field Research Project on Mobility and Consumerization Eric Maiwald N/A Security
W2. Workshop: ITScore for Privacy Carsten Casper E7. Q&A Session: The Identity and Access Management Marketplace Ray Wagner , Earl Perkins , Ant Allan , Perry Carpenter , Gregg Kreizman N/A
F7. Strategies for Achieving Continuous Application Availability Donna Scott N/A Security
G7. General Session Enterprise and Operational Risk Management: Directors Roundtable What the Board Wants French Caldwell , Dale Kutnick , Trish Oelrich N/A
J7. Security Journalists and Bloggers Panel Greg Young N/A Security
W1. Workshop: ITScore For Security Management F. christian Byrnes N/A Security
B8. Technical Insights: Security Monitoring for the Cloud and in the Cloud Anton Chuvakin N/A Security
C8. Deep Dive Into Internet Infrastructure Attacks John Pescatore , Lawrence Orans N/A
D8. Operationalize Social Media to Improve Security Performance Andrew Walls N/A Security
W3. Workshop: ITScore for IAM Perry Carpenter , Ray Wagner N/A
F8. Can I Recover Through the Cloud? John p. Morency , Sheila Childs N/A
G8. Risk-Adjusted Value Management Paul E. Proctor N/A Security
H8. Internal Auditors: Why They Do What They Do Khushbu Pratap N/A Security
J8. SWOT Analysis: McAfee, Symantec, Cisco Eric Ahlm , Ruggero Contu , Peter Firstbrook N/A
A9. Optimizing the Information Security Organization Jeffrey Wheatman N/A Security
B9. The New Dangers of Machine to Machine (M2M) in the Enterprise Tim Zimmerman N/A Security
C9. Presenting a Hard Target to Attackers: Road Maps for Effective Vulnerability Management Mark Nicolett N/A Security
D9. Case Study: Lessons Learned in Enterprise Mobile Device Security Avivah Litan , Don Smyczynski N/A
E9. Managing Identity and Access in the Hybrid World Gregg Kreizman N/A Security
F9. Best Practices in Recovery Exercising John p. Morency N/A Security
G9. Technical Insights: Road Map Managing Multinational Privacy Risks Ian Glazer N/A Security
H9. Improving Your Social Risk IQ French Caldwell N/A Security
J9. Security 2020: Technology, Business and Threat Discontinuities Reshaping IT Security Neil Macdonald , Lawrence Pingree N/A
A10. Ignore Enterprise Data Protection at Your Peril Jeffrey Wheatman N/A Security
B10. The Mobile Security Brothers Traveling Roadshow John Pescatore , John Girard N/A
C10. NISTs National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE): What CIOs Need to Leverage Steve Hawald N/A Security
D10. Technical Insights: SaaS Email Security Trust Versus Technology Dan Blum N/A Security
E10. Socrates Was Wrong: A Debate Earl Perkins , Vic Wheatman , Andrew Walls , Tom Scholtz , Rob Mcmillan N/A
F10. Panel: Educating Boards of Directors and Management in the Business Case for BCM Roberta j. Witty N/A Security
G10. Six CIO Risk Techniques to Please Your Board French Caldwell N/A Security
H10. Managing Litigation and Regulatory Risks of Big Data Sheila Childs N/A Security
J10. Case Study: Increasing Collaboration Securely When Moving to Cloud-Based Apps Joe Fuller N/A Security
K4. Guest Keynote Information Security and Technology In General Problem Solved. Youre Welcome John Hodgman N/A Security
A11. Quo Vadis, CISO? Developing a Realistic Infosec Management Strategy Tom Scholtz , Rob Mcmillan N/A
B11. How to Securely Deploy and Manage Whitelisting to Counter Advanced Threats Neil Macdonald N/A Security
C11. Manage Your Security Vendors or Be Mangled Greg Young N/A Security
W4. Workshop: Securing the Access Layer Identifying the Right Authentication Strategy for BYOD, Contractors, Guests and Employees Tim Zimmerman , Lawrence Orans N/A
E11. Case Study: Securing the Digital Nation The New Frontier of Cybersecurity Training and Education Keith Gordon N/A
W5. Workshop: Implementing BCM Standards for BCM Maturity and Organizational Certification John p. Morency , Roberta j. Witty N/A
W6. Workshop: Policy Critique Jay Heiser N/A Security
W7. Workshop: Implementing COBIT 5 Robert Stroud N/A
A12. Road Map: Intelligent Information Governance 2012 Debra Logan N/A Security
B12. Case Study: Toward a Secure Community Cloud for a Manufacturing Sector Doug Simmons N/A
C12. Network Security Open Q&A John Pescatore , Greg Young , Eric Ahlm , John Girard , Kelly m. Kavanagh N/A
E12. Technical Insights: Endpoint Virtualization Security Considerations Mario de Boer N/A Security
W8. Workshop: Creating Key Risk Indicators for Your Company Paul E. Proctor N/A Security
H11. New Legal Methods for Collecting Cyberinvestigation and Social Media Evidence Benjamin Wright N/A
A13. Trust: The Elusive Final Ingredient Jay Heiser N/A Security
C13. Technical Insights: Network Security Architecture for Internal Private Clouds Eric Maiwald N/A Security
D13. Developing and Implementing a Superior Mobile Device Policy John Girard N/A Security
H12. Road Map: Intelligent Information Governance 2012 Debra Logan N/A Security