IFIP International Information Security and Privacy Conference 2012 June 4, 2012 to June 6, 2012, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Introduction and welcome address D. Gritzalis N/A Security
Technical programme overview S. Furnell N/A Security
Local arrangements, N. Kyrloglou , M. Theoharidou N/A
Invited talk:ENISA's role in enhancing Europe's Information Security Strategy and Capabilities U. Helmbrecht N/A Security
Relay attacks on secure element-enabled mobile devices M. Roland , J. Langer , J. Scharinger N/A
Authenticated Key Exchange (AKE) in delay tolerant networks, S.-a. Menesidou , V. Katos N/A
Would you mind forking this process? A denial of service attack on Android, A. Merlo , A. Armando , M. Migliardi , L. Verderame N/A
OFELIA: A secure mobile attribute aggregation infrastructure for user-centric identity management, A. Augusto , M. e. Correia N/A
An approach to detecting inter-session data flow induced by object pooling, K. Sohr , B. Berger N/A
Smart OpenID: A smart card based OpenID protocol, A. Leicher , A. Schmidt , Y. Shah N/A
Embedded eavesdropping on Java card, Guillaume Barbu , C. Giraud , V. Guerin N/A
Peer-to-peer botnet detection based on flow intervals, D. Zhao , I. Traore , A. Ghorbani , B. Sayed , S. Saad , W. Lu N/A
Towards a universal data provenance framework using dynamic instrumentation, Angelos D. Keromytis , E. Gessiou , Vasilis Pappas , Elias Athanasopoulos , Sotiris Ioannidis N/A
Role mining under role-usage cardinality constraint, J. John , S. Sural , V. Atluri , J. Vaidya N/A
Improving flask implementation using hardware assisted in-VM isolation, Baozeng Ding , F. Yao , Y. Wu , Y. He N/A
HIDE DHCP: Covert communications through network configuration messages, R. Rios , J. Onieva , J. Lopez N/A
HyperForce: Hypervisor-enforced execution of security-critical code, F Gadaleta , Nikos Nikiforakis , J.-t. Muehlberg , Wouter Joosen N/A
Handling stateful firewall anomalies, Frdric Cuppens , N. Cuppens , Joaquin Garcia-alfaro , T. Moataz , X. Rimasson N/A
RandHyp: Preventing attacks via Xen Hypercall interface, F. Wang , P. Chen , B. Mao N/A
A framework for threat assessment in access control systems, H. Khambhammettu , S. Boulares , K. Adi , L. Logrippo N/A
Support for write privileges on outsourced data, S. Vimercati , S. Foresti , Sushil Jajodia , S. Paraboschi , Pierangela Samarati N/A
Privacy-preserving television audience measurement using smart TVs, G. Drosatos , A. Tasidou , P. Efraimidis N/A
Malicious users' transactions: Tackling insider threat, Q. Yaseen , B. Panda , W. Li N/A
Tracking users on the Internet with behavioral patterns: Evaluation of its practical feasibility, C. Banse , Dominik Herrmann , Hannes Federrath N/A
Authorization policies for materialized views, S. Nait-bahloul , E. Coquery , M.-s. Hacid N/A
Smartphone Forensics: A proactive Investigation scheme for evidence acquisition, A. Mylonas , V. Meletiadis , B. Tsoumas , L. Mitrou N/A
Kristian Beckman Award Lecture:Privacy vs. Security: Revisiting the AAA Fundamentals Y. Deswarte N/A
Modelling social engineering botnet dynamics across multiple social networks, S. Li , X. Yun , Z. Hao , Y. Zhang , Xiaochen Cui N/A
Fighting pollution attack in peer-to-peer streaming networks: A trust management approach, Y. Wu , X. Kang N/A
Layered analysis of security ceremonies, Giampaolo Bella , L. Coles-kemp N/A
A small depth-16 circuit for the AES S-Box, J. Boyar , R. Peralta N/A
Enhancing the security of on-line transactions with CAPTCHA keyboard, Y. Wu , Z. Zhao N/A
Formal verification of the mERA-based eServices with trusted third party protocol, M. Christofi , A. Gouget N/A
My authentication album: Adaptive images-based login mechanism, Amir Herzberg , R. Margulies N/A
Security-by-contract for the OSGi platform, A. Philippov , O. Gadyatskaya , Fabio Massacci N/A
Balancing security and usability of local security mechanisms for mobile devices, S. Yang , Gkhan Bal N/A
Cyber weather forecasting: Forecasting unknown Internet worms using randomness analysis, H. Park , S.-o. david Jung , H. Lee , H. peter In N/A
Analyzing value conflicts for a work-friendly ISS policy implementation, E. Kolkowska , Bart de Decker N/A
Incentive compatible moving target defense against VM-colocation attacks in Clouds, Y. Zhang , M. Li , Kun Bai , M. Yu , Wanyu Zang N/A
When convenience trumps security. Defining objectives for security and usability of systems, G. Dhillon , T. Oliveira , S. Susarapu , M. Caldeira N/A
A framework for anonymizing GSM calls over a smartphone VoIP network, V. Katos , P. Efraimidis , I. Psaroudakis N/A
Open issues and proposals in the IT security management of commercial ports, Nineta Polemi , Theodoros Ntouskas N/A
A browser-based distributed system for the detection of HTTPS stripping attacks against web pages, M. Prandini , M. Ramilli N/A
A response strategy model for intrusion response systems, S. Furnell , N. Anuar , M. Papadaki , N. Clarke N/A
Privacy-preserving mechanisms for organizing tasks in a pervasive eHealth system, Bart de Decker , Milica Milutinovic , Vincent Naessens N/A
Intrusion tolerance of stealth DoS attacks to web services, M. Ficco , M. Rak N/A
Web services security assessment: An authentication-focused approach, Y. Soupionis , M. Kandias N/A
Towards Use-Based Usage Control, C. Grompanopoulos , I. Mavridis N/A
A game-theoretic formulation of security investment decisions under ex-ante regulation, G D'Acquisto , M. Flamini , M. Naldi" N/A
Multi-modal behavioral biometric authentication for mobile devices, S. Furnell , N. Clarke , H. Saevanee N/A
Optimizing network patching policy decisions, Y. Beres , John Linwood Griffin N/A
Analysis and modelling of false synchronizations in 3G-WLAN integrated networks, C. Ntantogian , C. Xenakis , I. Stavrakakis N/A
A risk assessment method for smartphones, D. Gritzalis , M. Theoharidou , A. Mylonas N/A
Smart card authentication against off-line dictionary attacks, Y. Up N/A Security
Empirical benefits of training to phishing susceptibility, R. Dodge , K. Coronges , E. Rovira N/A
Distributed path authentication for dynamic RFID-enabled supply chains, Shaoying Cai , Y. Li , Y. Zhao N/A
Enhanced dictionary based rainbow table, V. Thing , H.-m. Ying N/A