National Information Security Conference 2012 June 13, 2012 to June 15, 2012, North Lanarkshire, UK

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Welcome & Opening Words Alan Moffat The Scottish Information Assurance Forum (SIAF) is leading the way in improving information sharing and ...
Keynote Presentation: Cyber Security Anne Courtney N/A Security
From Cloud Security to Cloud Stewardship Simon Shiu As part of the cloud stewardship economics project we have been exploring enterprise risks associated ... Security
Keynote Presentation: Fortinet - 2012 Threat Landscape Shane Grennan Over the last few years the Internet Threat Landscape has changed dramatically. The industry has ... Security
Information Security Incidents Are They Reported? If Not, Why Not? Mike Humphrey - Why do people find reporting incidents a challenge? - What are the barriers and ... Security
Get Wise, Get Prepared or Get Done Tony Neate Not a day goes by without a new piece of sophisticated technology being announced, and ... Security
Future Risks Including The Rise of the Hacktivism Bill Buchannan As organisations move towards infrastructures which are highly dependent on their Web infrastructure, they are ... Security
Chairmans Welcome: Alan Moffat Alan Moffat N/A Security
KEYNOTE: BYOD - Nicotine for Networks? Roger Hockaday BYOD is like nicotine; highly addictive and potentially dangerous. But unlike nicotine, BYOD has not ... Security
Visionary Statement: Managing Bring Your Own Device Sian John The iPad was the most disruptive technology of the last 10 years. It appealed to ... Security
Vulnerabilities of Communications Devices John Bayliss It is generally agreed that education is the most important aspect of protecting your information. ... Security
Visionary Statement: Advanced Evasion Techniques How Scared Should You Be? Bill Wood Over the last year the cyber security landscape has changed - there are new risks, ... Security
The Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing Dai Davis Is cloud computing for everyone? What are the contractual and legal risks of cloud computing? ... Security
Visionary Statement: The 3 Cs Adam Perks Todays IT department needs more technologies than ever before to protect effectively against attacks - ... Security
Physical Protection of Vulnerable Buildings Anon The session will cover the effects of blast and the various countermeasures than can provide ... Security
How to survive in these Dangerous Times Michael Oldham Security has always had its challenges. But today with the explosion of mobile devices, bring ... Security
Securing the Mobile Enterprise Adrian Price Trying to meet the user expectation to embrace new technologies, at the same time trying ... Security
The Deadly Sins of Cloud Computing (and how to avoid them) Mike Small The Cloud provides an increasingly popular way of procuring IT services that offers many benefits ... Security
Visionary Statement: Discover how to share IL2 & IL3 data with external 3rd parties without the need to install or manage complex infrastructure. Tony Pepper Up until now, sharing confidential information across and outside Government typically presents organisations on both ... Security
Visionary Statement: Business Continuity & Remote Access in 1 Simple Solution Alwyn Nash N/A Security
Panel Session: The Diminishing Network Perimeter Mike Small , Gerry Oneill , Mark Brett , John Strange , Antonis Patrikios N/A
Chairmans Opening: Alan Moffat Alan Moffat N/A Security
Keyonote: 12 Steps to Mitigating the Risk of Mobile Data Loss Alistair Mutch Corporate data has moved to the mobile device. IT professionals need to have strategies to ...
Should we still worry about terrorist attacks in the UK, and if so, what form will they take? Andrew Erving Now that Usama bin Ladin and co have been pretty well put out of action ...
The Policing Response to Cyber Crime Charlie Mcmurdie "The remit of the PCeU is to reduce the harm caused to the UK and ... Security
Social Media Information Security Friend or Foe? Graham Mckay Graham takes you on a social media journey including the good, bad and ugly of ... Security
Common Sense is not that Common Seizing the Initiative Gerry Oneill , Des Ward The challenge of meeting multiple compliance and certification demands is overburdening already stretched businesses. Add ...