ShakaCon 5 June 20, 2012 to June 21, 2012, Honolulu, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Cloud and You: A Love Story Adam Ely "Businesses have a love affair with the cloud. We in security love the innovation but ... Cloud ExcludeThinkstScapes
What Do You Know You Know, What Do You Know You Dont Know, and What Dont You Know You Dont Know?: An Update on Business Continuity Planning Threats, Vulnerabilities, Impacts, and Risk Anthony Gelish Participants will be exposed to concrete threat and vulnerability examples relevant to Hawaii for each ... Security
4140 Ways Your Alarm System Can Fail Babak Javadi Alarm systems and panels were designed before the prevalence of wireless technology and communicate with ... Security
Mobile Exploit Intelligence Project Dan Guido , Mike Arpaia As organizations look to deploy larger numbers of mobile devices over this year, there is ... ExcludeThinkstScapes
So You Want to be the CSO Daniel Blander "Do you have a CSO who seems disconnected from his team? Is your Security Manager ... Security
Keys to the Kingdom Deviant Ollam Would it surprise you to learn that many of the most popular and effective attacks ... Security
Physical Security on the Front Lines Deviant Ollam This talk gives a look at some of the more novel ways that people can ... Security
Surfing with Sharks James Ochmann , Dwayne Yuen , Jason Tsang Drive-by-malware sites are the most prevalent attack vector for spreading viruses on the Internet today. ...
iOS Security and Penetration Testing Jason Haddix In contrast to Android applications written in a language like java, Objective-C, the iOS runtime, ... Security
When Headlines Meet Metrics: Connecting the Dots Jeremiah Grossman "We've seen the headlines: Citigroup, Sony, PBS, Sega, Nintendo, Gawker, AT&T, the CIA, the US ... ExcludeThinkstScapes
Web Security Attack and Defense Jim Manico , Matt Johansen This talk will present a fast-paced wide-range of web application security vulnerability categories from both ... ExcludeThinkstScapes
Isn't it all just SMS-sending trojans?: Real advances in Android Malware Jimmy Shah "Attackers are starting to move on from simple attacks, mainly because users are starting to ... Android Malware ExcludeThinkstScapes
Hardware backdooring is practical. Jonathan Brossard This presentation will demonstrate that permanent backdooring of hardware is practical. We have built a ... Security
The Dalai Lama, Advanced Persistent Threat and the Great Whitehat Taboo. Kent Backman In this talk, Kent will discuss what two years of "ethically sniffing" a Tor exit ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Tor
Practical Personal Computer Security (Turbo Talk) Kris Harms "If you deal with any of the following, this turbo talk is for you. 1. ... Security
Talking Story on Security Kris Harms "How can I tell if the malware I found is APT or not? Does that ... Security
How we tear into that little green man Mathew Rowley Mobile applications are a part of every persons, and every organizations life. The potential for ... Security
Threat Detection Via MetaCharacteristic Analysis of Machine Data Monzy Merza Meta-Characteristic Analysis is a source agnostic, detection approach for unknown attacks that relies on event ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Splunk
Where the wild things are Ryan Talabis ExcludeThinkstScapes Tor .onion
Hacking the NFC Credit Cards for Fun and Debit Renaud Lifchitz ExcludeThinkstScapes