5th International Conference on Trust & Trustworthy Computing 2012 June 13, 2012 to June 15, 2012, Vienna, Austria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Authenticated encryption primitives for size-constrained trusted computing N. Asokan , Jan-erik Ekberg , Alexandra Afanasyeva N/A
Auditable Envelopes: Tracking Anonymity Revocation Using Trusted Computing Matthew Smart , Eike Ritter N/A
Lockdown: Towards a Safe and Practical Architecture for Security Applications on Commodity Platforms Bryan Parno , Adrian Perrig , Amit Vasudevan , Ning Qu , Virgil Gligor N/A
Experimenting with Fast Private Set Intersection Gene Tsudik , Emiliano de Cristofaro N/A
Reliable Device Sharing Mechanisms for Dual-OS Embedded Trusted Computing Daniel Sangorrin , Shinya Honda , Hiroaki Takada N/A
Modelling User-Centered-Trust (UCT) in Software Systems Zahid Hasan , Alina Krischkowsky , Manfred Tscheligi N/A
Clockless Physical Unclonable Functions Julian Murphy N/A Security
Lightweight Distributed Heterogeneous Attested Android Clouds (LDHAAC) Johannes Winter , Martin Pirker , Ronald Toegl N/A
Converse PUF-based Authentication Stefan Katzenbeisser , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Nal Kocabas , Andreas Peter N/A
Trustworthy Execution on Mobile Devices: What security properties can my mobile platform give me? James Newsome , Jonathan M. Mccune , Amit Vasudevan , Emmanuel Owusu , Zongwei Zhou N/A
Verifying System Integrity by Proxy Trent Jaeger , Joshua Schiffman , Hayawardh Vijayakumar N/A
Virtualization Based Password Protection Against Malware In Untrusted Operating Systems Xuhua Ding , Yueqiang Cheng N/A
SmartTokens: Delegable Access Control with NFC-enabled Smartphones Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Alexandra Dmitrienko , Sandeep Tamrakar , Christian Wachsmann N/A
A Belief Logic for Analyzing Security of Web Protocols Apurva Kumar N/A Security
Provenance-based Model for Verifying Trust-properties Cornelius Namiluko , Andrew Martin N/A
On the Practicality of Motion Based Keystroke Infernce Attack Hao Chen , Liang Cai N/A
AndroidLeaks: Automatically Detecting Potential Privacy Leaks In Android Applications on a Large Scale Hao Chen , Clint Gibler , Jeremy Erickson , Jonathan Crussell N/A
Why Trust Seals Dont Work: A study of user perceptions and behavior Iacovos Kirlappos , M. angela Sasse N/A
Launching the New Profile on Facebook: Understanding the Triggers and Outcomes of Users' Privacy Concerns Saijing Zheng , Pan Shi , Heng Xu N/A