Workshop on the Economics of Information Security 2012 June 25, 2012 to June 26, 2012, Berlin, Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Address Nicolas Zimmer N/A Security
Session 1Privacy Economics M. eric Johnson N/A Security
Empirical Analysis of Data Breach Litigation Alessandro Acquisti , Sasha Romanosky , David Hoffman N/A
Is Patient Data Better Protected in Competitive Healthcare Markets? Martin s. Gaynor , Muhammad zia Hydari , Rahul Telang N/A
The Privacy Economics of Voluntary Over-disclosure in Web Forms Sren Preibusch , Kat Krol , Alastair r. Beresford N/A
When will Privacy Policy Learn from Privacy Economics? Alessandro Acquisti , Sarah Spiekermann , Jonathan Cave , Alexander Dix , Bertin Martens N/A
Session 2 Security Economics Michael van Eeten N/A Security
Security Resources, Capabilities and Cultural Values: Links to Security Performance and Compliance M. eric Johnson , Juhee Kwon N/A
Software Security Economics: Theory, in Practice Stephan Neuhaus , Bernhard Plattner N/A
Sectoral and Regional Interdependency of Japanese Firms under the Influence of Information Security Risks Bongkot Jenjarrussakul , Hideyuki Tanaka , Kanta Matsuura N/A
Session 3 :Studying the Attacker Ross Anderson N/A Security
Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria? Cormac Herley N/A Security
Analysis of eCrime in Crowd-sourced Labor Markets: Mechanical Turk vs. Freelancer Chris Kanich , Vaibhav Garg , L jean Camp N/A
Can We Afford Integrity by Proof-of-Work? Scenarios Inspired by the Bitcoin Currency Jrg Becker , Dominic Breuker , Tobias Heide , Justus Holler , Hans peter Rauer , Rainer Bhme N/A
Social Event & Conference Dinner Gert g. Wagner N/A Security
Session 4 :Cost of Security Jeremy Epstein N/A Security
Measuring the Cost of Cybercrime Stefan Savage , Tyler Moore , Richard Clayton , Ross Anderson , Rainer Bhme , Chris Barton , Michael van Eeten , Michael Levi N/A
A Closer Look at Information Security Costs Matthias Brecht , Thomas Nowey N/A
IT Security Investment and Gordon-Loebs 1/e Rule Yuliy Baryshnikov N/A Security
Session 5 :Management of Information Security Rahul Telang N/A Security
Who Sometimes Violates the Rule of the Organizations? An Empirical Study on Information Security Behaviors and Awareness Toshihiko Takemura , Ayako Komatsu N/A
To Invest or Not to Invest? Assessing the Economic Viability of a Policy and Security Configuration Management Tool Lukas Demetz , Daniel Bachlechner N/A
Online Promiscuity: Prophylactic Patching and the Spread of Computer Transmitted Infections L jean Camp , Timothy Kelley N/A
Contagion in Cybersecurity Attacks Adrian Baldwin , Iffat Gheyas , Christos Ioannidis , David Pym , Julian Williams N/A
Session 6 :Privacy, Security, and Marketing Nicolas Christin N/A Security
The Effect of Fraud Investigation Cost on Pay-Per-Click Advertising Min Chen , Varghese Jacob , Suresh Radhakrishnan , Young Ryu N/A
Ad-blocking Games: Monetizing Online Content Under the Threat of Ad Avoidance Nevena Vratonjic , Mohammad hossein Manshaei , Jens Grossklags , Jean-pierre Hubaux N/A
Choice Architecture and Smartphone Privacy: Theres a Price for That David A. Wagner , Serge Egelman , Adrienne porter Felt N/A
Would You Sell Your Mothers Data? Personal Data Disclosure in a Simulated Credit Card Application Miguel Malheiros , Sascha Brostoff , Charlene Jennett , Angela Sasse N/A
Session 7 :Ten Years of WEIS: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead Alessandro Acquisti N/A Security
Maybe We Spend Too Much? Bruce Schneier N/A Security