FIRST 2012 June 17, 2012 to June 22, 2012, Malta, Malta

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
SCADA Security: The fight to protect critical infrastructure Kevin Hemsley , Ryan Kimmitt N/A
Panel: Global and Regional CERT Collaboration to Reduce Cyber Conflict Risk Panel Suleyman Anil , Greg Rattray , Yurie Ito , Yuejin Du N/A
Keynote: Surviving the World of SecurityThe Past, Present and Future Lance Spitzner N/A
Plenary: What we found about BCP on 3/11 Takuho Mitsunaga N/A
AbuseHelper case studies: Gathering and sharing incident data among different communities Juhani ( Jussi ) Eronen N/A Security
Are Cyber Security Exercises Useful? The Malaysian Case Study Adli Wahid N/A Security
Visualizing cybercrime campaigns using TRIAGE analytics Olivier Thonnard N/A Security
Sharing data's hard, here's how we did it Wes Young N/A Security
FS-ISACA Private/Public Partnership Kevin Thomsen N/A Security
How Visualization Makes it Possible Sebastian Tricaud N/A Security
Proposal for a new model for information sharing between CSIRTs Christian van Heurck , David Durvaux N/A
Automated incident notification helper Javier Berciano N/A Security
Feasibility study of scenario based self training material for incident response Masato Terada N/A Security
Overseeing the orchard - Hands-on tutorial Kenneth van Wyk N/A Security
Panel: Security Incidents Management within the Government of Malta Martin Camilleri , Giovanni Grixti , Rodney Naudi , Timothy Zammit N/A
From Zero to CERT in 60 Days Sindri Bjarnason N/A Security
Honey Spider Network 2.0: detecting client-side attacks the easy way Pawel Pawlinski N/A Security
Plenary: Securing Social Ryan Mcgeehan , Chad Greene N/A
Plenary: Proactive Detection of Network Security Incidents - A Study Piotr Kijewski , Andrea Dufkova N/A
The Laws of Large Numbers and The Impact on IT Security Peter Kuper N/A Security
Post-Intrusion Problems: Pivot, Persist and Property Morgan Marquis-boire , Cory Altheide N/A
Cyber Crime & APT Hands On Jeffrey Brown N/A Security
Cyber Clarity, US Cory Mazzola N/A Security
Legal challenges to information sharing of national/governmental CERTs in Europe Silvia Portesi , Neil Robinson N/A
NorCERT incident handling of targeted attacks Marie Moe , Eldar Lillevik N/A
The ghost in the Machines: Targeted attacks and information warfare after Stuxnet Peter Szor N/A Security
Plenary: Evolution of white-hat versus botnet takedown interaction David Dagon , Eric Ziegast N/A
Keynote: Defending CyberspaceGlobal Challenges Require Global Responses Suleyman Anil N/A Security
Sharing Crime Data Across International Frontiers Patrick Cain N/A Security
National Disinfection Case Study Mounir Kamal N/A Security
CERT-GIB: Efficient mitigation of Phishing, Malware and Botnet activity within a cctld Alex Kuzmin N/A Security
Cross-Organizational Incident Handling: An evolved process model for improved collaboration Thomas Millar N/A Security
Engineering Solutions for Incident Investigations and Detection Martin Nystrom N/A Security
Further aspects of passive DNS: datamining, visualizing and alternative implementations L. Aaron Kaplan , Alexandre Dulaunoy , David Durvaux , Sebastian Tricaud N/A
CSIRTs are to Product Security as Ferries are to Islands Erka Koivunen , Anu Puhakainen N/A
Operation black tulip: Certificate authorities lose authority Marnix Dekker N/A Security
Cryptanalysis of malware encrypted output files Nelson Uto N/A Security
DNS Filtering and Firewalls Panacea for network protection or the cause of Internet Balkanization? Rod Rasmussen N/A Security
Incident reponse in large complex business enviroments Ismail Guneydas , Ramses Martinez N/A
Project MARS Jean-christophe le Toquin N/A Security
Where automation ends and people beginOne CSIRT's journey replacing a SIEM with logging Gavin Reid , David Schwartzburg N/A
Combating APTs with NetFlow Christopher Smithee N/A Security
Anomaly Detection Through DNS Correlation Michael Warfield N/A Security
Botnet Free Switzerland Michael Hausding , Philipp Rtsche N/A
A Systemic Perspective of Internet Infrastructure Threats Danny Mcpherson N/A Security
Advances in Passive DNS Replication Eric Ziegast N/A Security
Plenary: Remediation of Malware at the Country Level: A Case Study Jeff Williams , Jean-christophe le Toquin N/A
Plenary: A CERT for the European Institutions Freddy Dezeure N/A Security
CERT coaching in (own) practicecase studies and roads into the future Przemek Jaroszewski N/A Security
Insight Into Russian Black Market Almantas Kakareka N/A Security
Pinkslipbot: A deep look at how malicious code adapt and evolve Guilherme Venere N/A Security
Phisherman's foes Jean-michel Doan , Vincent Hinderer N/A
Putting Adobe on the MAPP with Microsoft David Lenoe N/A Security
Stepping into the Carberp crimekit and reshipping business Peter Kruse N/A Security
DNS-CERT: vision and reality for delivering a secure and healthy naming service Igor nai Fovino N/A Security
Securing the Internet Inter-Domain Routing System using Origin Validation and the RPKI Carlos Martinez-cagnazzo N/A Security
A forensic review of the TDSS bootkit Tim Slaybaugh N/A Security
A study for CSIRTs strengthening: From a Viewpoint of Interactive Storytelling in an Organization Ikuya Hayashi N/A Security
Team Cymru: Services for CERTs Jacomo Piccolini N/A Security
DQ: a cyber missile Vitaly Kamluk , Costin Raiu N/A
Leaving our island: a communication and business strategy for a National CSIRT Christian van Heurck N/A Security
Who, What, Where and How: An Insider's View to Participating in the Security Community John Kristoff N/A Security
Poison Ivy for Incident Responders Andreas Schuster N/A Security
Plenary: The DigiNotar Crisis: from incident response to crisis coordination Aart Jochem N/A Security
Keynote: IT Security @ EC: Challenges & Experiences Francisco garca Morn N/A Security
Conference Opening & Welcome Chris Gibson N/A Security