25th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium 2012 June 25, 2012 to June 27, 2012, Cambridge, MA, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Generic Indifferentiability Proofs of Hash Designs Pierre-alain Fouque , Marion Daubignard , Yassine Lakhnech N/A
Automatically Verified Mechanized Proof of One-Encryption Key Exchange Bruno Blanchet N/A Security
Verified Security of Merkle-Damgaard Michael Backes , Gilles Barthe , Matthias Berg , Benjamin Grgoire , Csar Kunz , Malte Skoruppa , Santiago zanella Bguelin N/A
Provably Secure and Practical Onion Routing Ian Goldberg , Michael Backes , Aniket Kate , Esfandiar Mohammadi N/A
Discovering Concrete Attacks on Website Authorization by Formal Analysis Chetan Bansal , Karthikeyan Bhargavan , Sergio Maffeis N/A
Measuring Information Leakage using Generalized Gain Functions Mrio s. Alvim , Kostas Chatzikokolakis , Catuscia Palamidessi , Geoffrey Smith N/A
The Thermodynamics of Confidentiality Fabrizio Smeraldi , Pasquale Malacaria N/A
Talk title: Retroactive Security. Butler W. Lampson "It's time to change the way we think about computer security: instead of trying to ...
Refining Key Establishment David Basin , Christoph Sprenger N/A
Constructing Optimistic Multi-party Contract Signing Protocols Barbara Kordy , Sasa Radomirovic N/A
A Framework for the Cryptographic Verification of Java-like Programs Ralf Kuesters , Tomasz Truderung , Juergen Graf N/A
Cache-leakage resilient OS isolation in an idealized model of virtualization Gilles Barthe , Gustavo Betarte , Juan diego Campo , Carlos Luna N/A
Secure compilation to modern processors Bart Jacobs , Pieter Agten , Raoul Strackx , Frank Piessens N/A
Mashic Compiler: Mashup Sandboxing based on Inter-frame Communication Zhengqin Luo , Tamara Rezk N/A
Learning is Change in Knowledge: Knowledge-based Security for Dynamic Policies Stephen Chong , Aslan Askarov N/A
Securing Interactive Programs Daniel Hedin , Andrei Sabelfeld , Willard Rafnsson N/A
Labeled Sequent Calculi for Access Control Logics: Countermodels, Saturation and Abduction Deepak Garg , Valerio Genovese , Daniele Rispoli N/A
Gran: model checking grsecurity RBAC policies Michele Bugliesi , Stefano Calzavara , Riccardo Focardi , Marco Squarcina N/A
Security Analysis of Access Control through Program Verification P. Madhusudan , Anna lisa Ferrara , Gennaro Parlato N/A
Automated Analysis of Diffie-Hellman Protocols and Advanced Security Properties Benedikt Schmidt , Simon Meier , Cas Cremers , David Basin N/A
Symbolic Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols Containing Bilinear Pairings Peeter Laud , Alisa Pankova N/A
Information-flow control for programming on encrypted data John C. Mitchell , Rahul Sharma , Deian Stefan , Joe Zimmerman N/A
ENCOVER: Symbolic Exploration for Information Flow Security Musard Balliu , Mads Dam , Gurvan le Guernic N/A
Secure Information Flow for Concurrent Programs under Total Store Order Jeffrey a. Vaughan , Todd Millstein N/A
Information-Flow Security for a Core of JavaScript Daniel Hedin , Andrei Sabelfeld N/A
Invited talk Robert Brammer , William Guenther "The Advanced Cyber Security Center research strategy focuses on leveraging the breadth and depth of ...
Verifying privacy-type properties in a modular way Vincent Cheval , Myrto Arapinis , Stephanie Delaune N/A