International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security 2012 Aug. 20, 2012 to Aug. 24, 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
E-mail Classification using Social Network Information (short paper) Niklas Lavesson , Anton Borg N/A
Two-Pronged Phish Snagging (short paper) Rakesh Verma , Narasimha Shashidhar , Nabil Hossain N/A
Using Security Requirements Engineering Approaches to Support ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems Development and Documentation (short paper) Kristian Beckers , Stephan Fabender , Maritta Heisel , Holger Schmidt N/A
An Empirical Study on Design Diversity of Functionally Equivalent Web Services (short paper) Amanda s. Nascimento , Fernando Castor , Ceclia Rubira , Rachel Burrows N/A
Federated Identity Management Challenges (short paper) Jostein Jensen N/A Security
Civitas and the Real World: Problems and Solutions from a Practical Point of View (short paper) Stephan Neumann , Melanie Volkamer N/A
Secure Mobile Data Collection Systems for Low-Budget Settings (short paper) Federico Mancini , Samson Gejibo , Khalid Mughal , Remi Valvik , Jrn Klungsyr N/A
Understanding the Development Trends of Electronic Voting Systems (short paper) Komminist Weldemariam , Ali Al-shammari , Adolfo Villafiorita N/A
An Algorithm for Compression of XACML Access Control Policy Sets by Recursive Subsumption (short paper) Bernard Stepien , Amy Felty , Stan Matwin N/A
Panel: Raising the Bar: Performing More Effective Cyber Security Studies Panelists: Angela Sasse , David Budgen , Kelly Caine N/A
Towards a holistic information security governance framework for SOA (short paper) Marijke Coetzee N/A Security
Building a Flexible Service Architecture for User Controlled Hybrid Clouds (short paper) Anja Strunk , Marc Mosch , Stephan Gro , Yvonne Tho , Alexander Schill N/A
A Coordination-Driven Authorization Framework for Space Containers Stefan Cra , Tobias Dnz , Gerson Joskowicz , Eva Khn N/A
Towards Automated Assistance for Mined Roles Analysis in Role Mining Applications Safa Hachana , Frdric Cuppens , Nora Cuppens-boulahia , Joaquin Garcia-alfaro N/A
An Approach to Bridge the Gap between Role Mining and Role Engineering via Migration Guides Anne Baumgrass , Mark Strembeck N/A
An Analysis of Implemented and Desirable Settings for Identity Management on Social Networking Sites Moritz Riesner , Michael Netter , Gnther Pernul N/A
Anonymous Communication by Branch-and-Bound Stefan Rass , Peter Schartner , Raphael Wigoutschnigg N/A
A Group Signature Based Electronic Toll Pricing System Xihui Chen , Gabriele Lenzini , Sjouke Mauw , Jun Pang N/A
Oblivious and Fair Server-Aided Two-Party Computation Amir Herzberg , Haya Shulman N/A
From Computationally-proved Protocol Specifications to Implementations Bruno Blanchet , David Cad N/A
Efficient Generic Construction of Forward-Secure Identity-Based Signature Noura al Ebri , Joonsang Baek , Abdulhadi Shoufan , Quang hieu Vu N/A
Keynote II - Declarative Security Chenxi Wang N/A
Veto-based Malware Detection Khurram shahzad Raja , Niklas Lavesson N/A
Analyses Of Two End-User Software Vulnerability Exposure Metrics Jason Wright , Miles Mcqueen , Lawrence Wellman N/A
Using Linear Support Vector Machines to Solve the Asymmetric Comparison-Based Fault Diagnosis Problem Mourad Elhadef N/A Security
An Adaptive Risk Control and Security Management for Embedded Real-Time System Wei Jiang , Yue Ma , Nan Sang , Ziguo Zhong N/A
Topology-Driven Secure Initialization in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Tool-Assisted Approach Mark Manulis , Stanislaus Stelle , Matthias Hollick N/A
On Measuring the Parasitic Backscatter of Sensor-enabled UHF RFID Tags Thomas Plos , Christian Maierhofer N/A
High Level Model of Control Flow Attacks for Smart Card Functional Security (short paper) Pascal Berthom , Karine Heydemann , Xavier Kauffmann-tourkestansky , Jean-francois Lalande N/A
Dynamic DNS Update security, based on Cryptographically Generated Addresses and ID-Based Cryptography, in an IPv6 autoconfiguration context (short paper) Ghada Arfaoui , Jean-michel Combes , Maryline Laurent N/A
Boosting Logical Attack Graph for Efficient Security Control (short paper) Zonghua Zhang N/A Security
Enforcing Access Control in Virtual Organizations Using Hierarchical Attribute-Based Encryption (short paper) Muhammad Asim , Milan Petkovic , Tanya Ignatenko , Daniel Trivellato , Nicola Zannone N/A
Antidotes for DNS Poisoning by Off-Path Adversaries (short paper) Amir Herzberg , Haya Shulman N/A
A personalized whitelist approach for phishing webpage detection (short paper) Amine Belabed , Esma Aimeur , Mohamed amine Chikh N/A
Model-Based Digital Analysis for Fraud Detection overcomes Limitations of Benford Analysis (short paper) Markus Schneider , Christian Winter , York Yannikos N/A
An Economic Model for Maximizing Profit of a Cloud Service Provider (short paper) Thanadech Thanakornworakij , Raja Nassar , Chockchai box Leangsuksun , Mihaela Paun N/A
Security concept and implementation for a cloud based e-Science infrastructure (short paper) Thomas Ludescher , Thomas Feilhauer , Peter Brezany N/A
Classic Replication Techniques on the Cloud (short paper) Itziar Arrieta-salinas , Joan Navarro , Jos enrique Armendriz-iigo N/A
Keynote I Annie i. Ant\xc3\xb3n N/A Security
Ontology-based Retrieval of Experts - the Issue of Effciency and Scalability within the eXtraSpec System Monika Kaczmarek , Elzbieta Bukowska , Piotr Stolarski , Witold Abramowicz N/A
Integrating Query Context and User Context in an Information Retrieval Model Based on Expanded Language Modeling Ounas Asfari , Rachid Aknouche , Fadila Bentayeb , Omar Boussaid N/A
Indexing and Search for Fast Music Identification Guang-ho Cha N/A Security
A 16-intersection matrix for the Polygon-Polyline Topological Relation for Geographic Pictorial Query Languages Anna Formica , Mauro Mazzei , Elaheh Pourabbas , Maurizio Rafanelli N/A
OrderBased Labeling Scheme for Dynamic XML Query Processing Beakal gizachew Assefa , Belgin Ergenc N/A
Ontology-Based Identification of Research Gaps and Immature Research Areas Kristian Beckers , Maritta Heisel , Holger Schmidt , Widura Schwittek , Stephan Fa\xc3\x9fbender , Stefan Eicker N/A
Artificial neural networks approach for the prediction of thermal balance of SI engine using ethanol- gasoline blends Mostafa Kiani , Barat Ghobadian , Fathollah Ommi , Gholamhassan Najafi , Talal Yusaf N/A
A Context-aware Mashup Integration Guideline for Enterprise 2.0 Gerald Bader , Amin Anjomshoaa , A min Tjoa N/A
Validation of XML Documents with SWRL Jesus m. Almendros-jimenez N/A Security
A Taxonomy of Dirty Time-Oriented Data Theresia Gschwandtner , Johannes G\xc3\xa4rtner , Wolfgang Aigner , Silvia Miksch N/A
Combining Relational and Semi-Structured Databases for an Inquiry Application Marius Ebel , Martin Hulin N/A
Hunting for Aardvarks: Can Software Security be Measured? Martin Jaatun N/A Security
A Foundation for Requirements Analysis of Privacy Preserving Software Kristian Beckers , Maritta Heisel N/A
On complexity reduction of user interfaces for safety-critical systems Andreas Holzinger , Evgenia Popova , Bernhard Peischl , Martina Ziefle N/A
A formal Equivalence Classes based Method for Security Policy Conformance Checking Eckehard Hermann , Udo Litschauer , J\xc3\xbcrgen Fu\xc3\x9f N/A
Security SLAs – an idea whose time has come? Martin Jaatun , Astrid Undheim , Karin Bernsmed N/A
Trust as an organismic trait of e-commerce systems Tanja Azderska , Borka jerman Bla\xc5\xbei? N/A
UML representation of extended role-based access control model with the use of usage control concept Aneta Poniszewska-maranda N/A Security
Panel: Raising the Bar: Performing More Effective Cyber Security Studies Angela Sasse , David Budgen , Kelly Caine N/A
Making Apps useable on multiple different mobile platforms: On interoperability for business application development on smartphones Andreas Holzinger , Peter Treitler , Wolfgang Slany N/A
Enhancing Business APPification using SMS Text messages: Metrics, Strategies and Alternatives Mersini Paschou , Evangelos Sakkopoulos , Efrosini Sourla , Athanasios Tsakalidis N/A
Near duplicate document detection for large information flow Daniele Montanari , Piera laura Puglisi N/A
TinyStream Sensors Pedro Furtado N/A Security
Distributed Sampling Storage for Statistical Analysis of Massive Sensor Data Hiroshi Sato , Hisashi Kurasawa , Takeru Inoue , Motonori Nakamura , Hajime Matsumura , Keiichi Koyanagi N/A
Usage control in inter-organisational collaborative environements - a case study from an industry perspective \xc3\x85smund ahlmann Nyre , Martin gilje Jaatun N/A
Stock Market Multi-Agent Recommendation System Based on the Elliott Wave Principle Monica Tirea , Ioan Tandau , Viorel Negru N/A
Similarity of Transactions for Customer Segmentation Tetsuya Furukawa , Ke Lu N/A
Challenges in Using Linked Data within a Social Web Recommendation Application to Semantically Annotate and Discover Venues Monika Kaczmarek , Witold Abramowicz , Jakub Dzikowski , Szymon Lazaruk N/A
Pay-As-You-Go Data Integration Using Functional Dependencies Naser Ayat , Hamideh Afsarmanesh , Reza Akbarinia , Patrick Valduriez N/A